We are Defence consultants, champions for SIC & AIC... and a specialist marketing & sales consulting firm in Australia

Providing consulting, training and services to Australian companies; mainly those who are focused on the Defence market and have immense potential, but lack the experience, insights and internal team capacity to effectively engage with particular customers; especially those in the Australian Defence market.

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There are literally millions of opportunities in the Australian Defence industry. Plenty of room for growth and innovation for many different types of businesses; but only for those who understand the ins and outs of Defence. The Australian Government has committed over $500 billion to the Defence budget until 2032, with works around the Defence industry not included in that figure; pushing the actual spend in around the Australian economy well past that figure. This is the perfect time to engage and grow your business in Defence!

What we do?

Alongside Business Consulting mainly helps small to medium enterprise (SMEs), mainly in the Australian Defence industry. Boost your revenue faster and start gaining traction with sales in a truly stable industry.

We fill the knowledge, experience and capacity gaps companies have with regard to marketing and sales; specialising in the development of strategies, structures, systems and processes to enable more sales and scalability – for business growth (inside and outside of Defence).

Think of us like the GM marketing and sales for your business, bringing you knowledge and experience that you don’t currently have in your team.

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We are the Defence sales experts

We know the Australian Defence industry like the back of our hands. Partnering with us will ensure your business’ marketing and sales structure, systems, processes and assets suit the Defence market.  The answer is simple and concise, we know Defence and how marketing and sales work in this closed market. There is no perfect business for Defence, only businesses that work smarter with what they have – positioning to provide solutions that work for this very strong market… a great choice! 

At Alongside Business Consulting we provide a clear and supported path to winning Defence sales.

We work with Defence focussed companies seeking to leverage external guidance in order to save themselves time and money. Hiring an in-house Defence sales specialist is a bit of a stretch in more ways than one. When you know what to do, when, and with which stakeholders you’ll generate significant results faster… including more profit! 

Incorporating training into our business has given us an adaptable model to help all sizes of businesses from wherever they’re at. The pillars for making Defence sales are covered in our consulting, training, and essential services; starting with a well-researched strategy.

Our promise to you is

We’ll help you understand Defence and establish what you need faster – each step of the way.

Our network of partners is also here to help you put in place the accreditations and structure that you need to gain traction faster in the now open Defence market. 

We’ll connect you in the right places, at the right time, directing you as you look to supply what you do best.  

The Defence supply chain is ripe for you to explore.

Robust sales strategy and implementation for Defence contracts

We help you find the way to build your business into Defence, starting with helping you to find your niche with a competitive advantage. Our extensive research methodology leaves no stone unturned, identifying what your company needs to be able to plug the gaps, no matter how big or small. We know how to sell into Defence and will help you know what action needs to be taken when to sell into the Australian Defence sector. 

Our consulting prowess comes from many years of dealing with Defence clients and selling into the Defence industry… hence we consultant from experience; not to mention the intentionally focussed partnerships offering services to help you get from A-Z faster in Defence.


...and have your back

We know you have something special to offer the Defence industry in Australia, but you haven’t been able to present your business in a way that cuts through yet.

Years of engaging, collaborating, experimenting and succeeding have made us the authority in Defence consultation in Australia. Our “ABC Growth Framework” is the backbone of this success and gives us the ability to help our clients succeed – from wherever they are now.

Happy Clients

"Had I been able to access 'one session' with Matthew when I started out, it would have shaved two frustrating years off my journey into the Supply-Chain. Well done Matthew, you're saving people a lot of valuable time."
- R Harvey
"Dealt with Matthew for over a year now and have found his support and advice to be invaluable. Strong network links with the right people, accurate advice and knowledge with a strong understanding of business and especially the Defence sector. Will continue to work with Matthew into the future. "
- J Buhagiar

Cracking the Defence Sales Code​

You need to know what to focus on when

You need to know who the right contacts are (who's who)

You really need to understand the ins and outs of Defence

Ultimately you need to understand where to start… to gain traction and not waste time and money

It’s hard to put a value on something as invaluable as experience. We understand that the Defence market in Australia can be confusing, even for those on the inside.

That’s where we step in, we bridge the knowledge and experience gap with marketing and sales for you. When the marketing and sales are taken care of, you’ll find everything else a lot easier… and ‘it’ will all seemingly ‘slip into place’. There is a fair amount of healthy competition already in Australia. Our job is to help you stand out of the crowd and help you make a name for your company in Defence. We’re the only 100% marketing and sales focused Defence consulting firm in Australia.


Our commitment to you is to help you to grow your business into Defence

We know the right way to approach Defence, marketing and sales; which always starts with a clear competitive advantage… which needs coaching to hit the amazing numbers you want in your sales pipeline. 

…and there are definitely more than a fair handful of Defence focussed companies in Australia that need coaching to get a competitive advantage!

Marketing is your strongest asset, but only if you learn and implement it in ways backed by data-driven research and science. We’ll help you lay a solid foundation and build a marketing and sales strategy that will Crack the Defence Sales Code for you. 


Find out How & Where to start gaining Clarity & Traction with Sales!