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Hi there, thanks for dropping by!

I’m Matthew, Managing Partner of Alongside Business Consulting. We’re in the business of creating successful outcomes.

To do this we create end-to-end structures, systems and processes for and with you so that you know what to do now and each step of the way to achieving your desired goal.

This holistic approach is what allows our clients to break free from the frustration and confusion of marketing and selling.

You’re not alone, problems are very common – hence we’re in business. We’ve been there and overcome most of the problems that you’ll face with marketing and sales. Both sales and marketing (S&M) are mind boggling and difficult specialties to master, which a lot of people are confused about and get very frustrated with sales & marketing not being everyone’s forte!

We understand you’ve tried.

You’re confused!

…and you don’t know what to do – about the Defence industry and getting a gig…

Think of us like an experienced and well rounded General Manager

… that you can’t afford,

but really need…

to help you break in to the Defence Supply Chain (DSC).

There are lots of things that we’ve created to help our clients solve their marketing and sales challenges.

We’d love to invite you to one of our FREE webinars to investigate the Defence Sales Landscape.

Strategic Planning to Growth

When you’re ready to go forward, we’ll dig in and ACTION what you need FIRST 

Analysis of Business, Competitors & Market

Create Unique & Irresistible Attraction

Test & Measurement, Systems & Processes

Implementation of Campaigns that Convert

Organise Systems & Structures for Scalable Growth

Nail Your Goals!


 …Business Growth Simplified!

If you’re wondering why we know we can help you…

Our founders have been growing businesses, on the ground in sales and in leadership – planning and managing growth for multiple businesses around Australia.

Excellence in marketing and sales are the backbone of growth!

5-10X sales pipeline growth is about normal and sometimes greater; sometimes in under a year! 

The business model we have is one of providing the knowledge, experience and connections you need to grow without having to hire an experienced marketing and sales leader full-time… when you can’t afford it yet. 

Our brains-trust includes professionals from marketing, sales, advertising, tendering, legal, accounting, operations and executive management. 

…and we’ve all run our own businesses as well as worked in senior management in the corporate world. 

With the real world knowledge and expertise gained from all our business and industry experience… we understand your frustrations. 

In short we help you win more sales. 


We’re predominantly a Defence Sales consulting firm, however we do have another specialisation also; helping young entrepreneurs navigate starting a Trade Services business… which is where our partners started in their working lives.

So… we are in two niche industries, both with a focus on growing businesses:

  1. Defence focussed businesses 
  2. Tradies looking to start their own business 


We’ve created laser focussed services and trainings in both sectors to help you start growing sustainably fast and win more sales with reliable systems. 


Our well rounded and holistic team gives you the much needed experience and knowledge – when you need it, for a fraction of the cost of hiring one of these specialists full-time. 

We walk alongside business owners and managers highlighting the roadblocks for you and setting up a holistic and step-by-step Growth Framework with structure, systems and processes.


…so that you can keep doing what you do best; making Business Growth Simplified!


Making Business Growth Simplified

We run this business to help you take control and thrive, working with your current strengths and abilities.

  • Stop being frustrated and confused about how to grow your business
  • Stop worrying about where and when your next opportunities are coming from
  • …and get away from the “Daily Grind” of manual sales lead generation

We offer you a FREE consult to help you take control… and test us to see if we are what you need to GROW.

Here are some things we’ll help you understand on the call with us (we’ll be asking lots of questions):

  • Highlight some gaps in your current structures, systems and processes (after we’ve asked questions)
  • Why you don’t need to use every conceivable marketing platform to grow your business in 1-4 years
  • The #1 most effective way to grow your business fast and maintain your business growth for the long-term
  • What NEVER to do if you want to increase ROI, leads, sales conversion rates and simply grow

    Does Marketing actually work?  …the Elephant in the room!

    The short answer = Yes!       

    The longer answer =  Not unless you apply science – as there is a missing link (not secret) that most businesses and agencies gloss over because you can get around it for a quick win (but it doesn’t work for the long-term) with glamour and hype.

    The foundations for effective marketing need to be set from research, analysis and a solid planning – which includes testing and cross checking with the end users.

    …which then allows you to create sustainable customer attraction and solid base for scalable system for growth (a Competitive Advantage).

    Here are a few quotes from people, after spending some time with us…

    “After the first consultation, I could land a commercial jet between what I learnt from team A.B.C. and everyone else who gave me advice and a quote.

    Matthew has already identified some major gaps in our thinking and helped us focus on the right way forward – to lay the foundation we need to achieve results.
    If you want a “no nonsense approach & the truth” about what you’re doing wrong and how to get going in the right direction… the team at A.B.C. will sort you out from concept to getting results!

    Close-Line.com... somewhere in Australia

    Marketing Strategy through to sales conversions

    What we’ve done – to be able to provide what we do:

    • had loads of real world experience marketing and selling
    • studied the best marketers and campaigns (of those who have gone before and been UBER successful)
    • documented the foundations of great marketing and tested these truths over time
    • put them into some really simple frameworks to follow  
    • Actioned all in our own businesses and others… see comments below 🙂

    You’d think we’d to tell you that, “we’ve created these amazing marketing services and systems that no-one else is using”… so that you’ll only want to work with us.

    …but it’s just not true.

    Marketing is a science that companies with budgets as large as Australia’s GDP have perfected = so why re-invent the wheel?

    We’ve taken the best bits and formularised it all – creating the ‘ABC Growth Framework’.  All our past training and experiences have helped us to be able to make the #1 problem most businesses face = NOT a problem.

    … because we know what works – all day everyday (even when Google and others change their Algorithms!).

    The difference is… we tell you WHY your marketing isn’t working first and then advise you HOW to make marketing work all day everyday… our lead gen system ‘Fail-Safe Marketing’.

    “Getting more sales – whenever you want” is what most businesses struggle with.

    The biggest roadblock EVERY business encounters – is getting leads… but why?

    Almost every business thinks they are presenting something “brilliant”, however it is not unique, attention grabbing or attractive to their target market… and without a system to “get leads whenever they want”.

    When we work with you, you’ll have the right potential customers and staff lining up whenever you want them… because they’ll be attracted to what you’re best at!

    We know one of the biggest struggles for most businesses is getting new customers and also keeping the customer lifetime value high; as customers grow to love what you provide. 


    A reliable and therefore systemised Marketing and Sales system is what all businesses need.

    1. a continuous flow of new sales leads (effective marketing)

    2. an assured way to turn leads into customers (effective sales)

    We walk alongside frustrated owners (like you) and implement sustainable & scalable sales growth. Forbes had an article in late 2019 which mentioned one of the defining factors in business growth being the human connection… which we are very strongly in favour of. You cannot understand your customers unless you interact deeply with them and people also buy from people, so you need to be there for them.

    The second thing that we are very much agreed upon is that business growth relies on excellence in Marketing; Strategy, Structuring and Systemisation are all cornerstones of effective marketing and sales.

    What’s on this site?


    There are a lot of useful resources here, if you are interested in growing your business. 


    You’ll find information on marketing strategies, competitive advantage, digital marketing, branding and positioning, online reputation as well as building websites.


    We have also written a mass of articles on these topics above and a few more… under “Blogs” in the menu – TOP RIGHT of screen. 


    “Best Small Business Marketing Consultants in Melbourne – According to our clients reviews, combining  Digital Marketing Consulting Services with Data, Analytics, Sales… No Nonsense Marketing Strategy.”

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