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…and welcome to our website. We hope you find some useful information hereto help you on your business growth journey. 


We are business growth specialists

The most overwhelming problem or hindrance we’ve found to business growth, is the lack of difference between a company and their competition.

Marketing & Sales

Essentially we are sales and marketing experts, who also prescribe and provide ‘fit for purpose’ marketing services.

The way we help businesses is by systematically improving their foundation or business platform – from which to leverage increased market share – through differentiation.

…hence we have a laser focus on great branding

Why branding… when we are business consultants?

We’ve found the problem of NOT having a unique selling proposition stops companies from becoming what they could be and securing their own little/big part of the market to call their own.

What does that look like? 

1. First we look deeply into your business, competition and then the market in order to identify the potential for a unique differentiation. This could also be called a competitive advantage… which we are heavily invested in – to uncover for our clients.

2. We develop some brand marketing messages, highlighting the differences we’ve identified.

This is part of the branding process. The point of branding is to have your company associated with the thought of a particular generic service or product that your target market needs /wants.

A perfect example of this is “Biro” = a pen

3. Promotion is an extremely important part of the overall marketing mix. The key is to correctly target the niche and where they interact, in order to educate themselves – about your product or service. Targeting correctly ensures the results are achieved; but also keeps costs down and increases ROI, creating the start of great results in actual sales.

4. Making sure the sales process is integrated with the customer buying journey and followed through to generate the reproductive sales cycle that we’ve come to enjoy and expect from a great sales and marketing system. 

5. Rounding out this holistic way we work, is the training and coaching aspect of our business. Just advising and making great companies happen is fine; but helping companies to develop themselves, to then be able to thrive without our intervention – is the way to build an amazing legacy to leave behind. 

What’s on this site?

There are a lot of useful resources here, if you are interested in growing your business. 

You’ll find information on business development, sales planning, marketing strategies, competitive advantage, digital marketing, branding and positioning, online reputation as well as building websites.

We have also written a mass of articles on these topics above and a few more… under “Resources” in the menu – TOP RIGHT of screen. 



Are you Frustrated with Sales and Marketing? 

These are some things that we hear on a regular basis – which is why we started this business; in order to walk business owners and managers through “how to do” effective marketing and sales.

1. What can we do / How can we get better results from our marketing spend and efforts? Or – we can’t get to the right type of customers when we want them! 


2. We don’t have enough leads and opportunities. We have lots of opportunities that never drop – so we have a really high cost of customer acquisition… and still not enough sales!


We take the confusion and frustration out of sales and marketing


Most companies that offer consulting, only offer a sales or marketing specialty. This causes some issues, in that sales and marketing need to work together – toward a focussed and cohesive direction for growth and stability.


Our aim is to make effectiveness the result of what we do. Efficiency is one side benefit of our processes, helping companies become more effective.


Sales Result Delivery


In order to deliver the best value for money, we provide a cohesive sales and marketing effort by developing a great foundation through sales and marketing planning, strategy, structure, process and services… as well as coaching and training in sales and marketing ‘best practice’. From there you’ll have the ability to grow in a scalable and sustainable manner.

Growing a company is not simple, but is much easier (and can move a lot more quickly) when people are doing jobs that are within their skill set and also what they enjoy doing… ie. a good fit. 

Simply, we believe all business owners are really good at, or specialise in one thing (maybe two at a stretch); which is why they have a business in the first place.

Most business owners and senior managers do not have specific experience and/or are not trained in sales and/or marketing. We have conversations with business leaders constantly, who have done marketing as a part of their MBA, and still struggle with setting up and running an effective sales or marketing campaign.

The reason is simple – Sales and Marketing are actually professions that take years of experience, mistakes, trials and errors to become proficient at. They also take continuous training, to make them work effectively and stay current in ‘best practice’, in order to obtain great results.

Through consultation, coaching, training and implementation of the right sales and marketing services we help businesses significantly increase their profit and revenue.


Think of us as a sales enablement tool, marketing arm and effectiveness coaches. 

Our Story 


We’ve been developing and growing businesses for the better part of 20 years, mostly setting up and implementing go-to-market strategies for growth.


As an engineering manager, service, repairs and spare parts were managed and sold as a part of our managing partners remit. Obviously things have developed from that point, but that’s where it all started! He started unknowingly, developing the sales and marketing frameworks that have been a major part of his success story in business. Yes, there have been failures and hard times along the way… there is always a failure story or two on the road to success! 

The main reason we started this business, was to help eliminate the frustration that leaders have, with poorly performing sales and marketing efforts; enabling better ROI, from a much needed department ie. revenue and profit, must be front and centre when making all decisions in business.

Enabling results, through empowerment and education of the leadership and relevant staff – in order to deliver the sales and marketing results, is what we do. When something is this important, it is very important to have the right people in place; who know what they are doing and can deliver the results needed. 


One of the main issues we see is that there is a very poorly mapped out Sales Process or Customer Buying Journey. This results in a sales pipeline which is not reliable and therefore forecasting sales and reporting to senior management is virtually impossible. The end result is frustration for sales people, management and owners.


The other main issue we commonly see, is that the Niche and Value Proposition of a company is not established or does not have a defined focus in order to set them apart from their competition. This leads to most sales people thinking they need to cut margin, because their target market doesn’t know why they’re buying the product or service… instead of the competition’s. 


Unfortunately this does more damage to a brand than just lowering profit. Consumers are actually looking for value for money above all, rather than the cheapest offering. They like to feel like they are getting a deal that is worthwhile for them, not just purchasing something that is cheap. There has been a lot of research conducted on this topic.


All companies have something unique about them, which is the reason why they have customers. This differentiator can be developed into a serious competitive advantage, which is the start of “stopping margin cutting”, and being able to win customers and projects more often.


These two issues are also usually the root causes of high sales staff turnover and a lack of sustainable growth… and are fairly easily cured.


If you would like some help curbing the frustration and get a higher ROI on sales and marketing efforts in your business… Click the link below to register your interest


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What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?

We love to work with all types of different businesses, that are either owner managed or corporations who have a structured delegation of authority that we can work with.

We only work with people who have a strong desire to change… as growth requires change – no matter how small it is.

As Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”


Do you Offer Long Term Services?

Yes, we actually prefer long term contracts because progress takes time and the more we work together, the better our results get.

Working alongside business owners and the management team we provide business growth solutions. Helping with the implementation and equipping management and staff with the correct training, rather than just giving advice.

We focus on delivering a complete and success driven end-to-end service. What we do is not rocket science… it’s way harder!

We deal in science and intuition, using feelings, perceptions, and motivation as the driving attractions. Making real emotional connections with real people, and armed with insight we create work that differentiates and resonates. A branding message that tells the right story to the right audience in a clear and interesting way is always a winner!

Underpinned by our principles of kindness, inspiration, systemisation and strategic thinking, we actively work alongside business owners to create great strategies, structures and processes – which lead to successful outcomes in business.

We are consultants who guide businesses into the growth process, through the growth cycle, and out the other side into successful continuous growth outcomes.

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