Sales consultants, with A BIG difference!

Most business owners/managers need assistance to get things done – you don’t just want advice.


That’s why we do both, drawing on our many years of experience we offer strategic advice on business growth and provide those hands-on services needed to help you achieve your goals sooner; filling the capability and capacity gaps in your team with excellence in all things marketing and sales. 


Sometimes we even step in as the interim leader, physically leading your sales and marketing people and implementing those projects that you need an experienced head and hands to “get right and get done”, to improve your sales operations performance.


We give you the ability to grow with scale and long-term sustainability, with our experience and knowledge of doing it for ourselves and our previous employers; and more tangibly by putting in the right structure, processes, assets and systems as we go.



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What we do

We Provide a Clear and Supported Path to Winning More Sales… walking alongside the management, marketing and sales staff, filling the knowledge, experience and capability gaps to help you make more sales faster.

We’ve worked a lot inside the Australian Defence industry, and on the outside with similar companies that just don’t have all the in-house expertise to grow their business as desired.

Think of us like a Marketing or Sales Manager, who works to improve your Sales Operations – without you having to employ a team of specialists full time.


Providing tangibly outcomes, with projects that:

1. Improve effectiveness within the sales process (various assets & processes)

2. Improve efficiencies with sales activities (planning, strategy & systems projects)

3. Increase Lead Generation Quality & Quantity  

4. Increase Revenue & Profitability & Clarity with forecasting


These and many more elements are all part of good sales operations. 

We help you where you need it most, to help you achieve your goals more quickly and for the long-term.

Clients Testimonials

Our promise to you

We’ll help you get clear FAST on what you need to do in your business to get better results, and make more sales. 

There are so many opportunities out there, but you need to know how to take advantage of them, and you NEED someone with experience to be able to help you get the job done.

We’ll help you every step of the way, hence the name of the business; assisting you and your team to sell more – more often.

Robust sales strategy and implementation

To grow fast and sustainably – you need a solid structure, processes, good assets and systems for marketing and sales.

These will enable your business to be the most effective and efficient it can be. We help business owners to set these elements up in the right way; in order to effectively position their business in whatever markets are suitable for the business. 

We work a lot in the Defence industry, which is typically a very buoyant market. But, before you jump in to it, you need to make sure it’s right for you and your business. If you’d like to investigate that industry – great, it’s one of our niches. 

We’ll always help you frame why you should or should not pursue an industry… prior to launching into developing any strategic plans such as a Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy.

Our tried and true process quickly identifies what your company needs to do – to overcome the challenges hindering your progress with sales and marketing. 

No matter how big or small your company is, developing a clear message of what your specialisation is, and what unique benefits you bring to your potential customers is what a sales strategy needs to be built on.

After the unique value proposition is “sorted”, it’s a process of building on your foundations to ensure structure, processes, the right assets, and systems are built and you can measure and manage everything your business does – to reach the desired outcome in an efficient and the most effective manner.

We know it’s confusing for those that don’t live and breathe marketing and sales – and we’ll help you get through!

WE UNDERSTAND YOU And have your back

We know you have something special to offer – otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.

…but you haven’t been able to figure out how to move the needle and start gaining traction with sales growth yet.

With years of experience ‘doing’ and continuously learning how to do “it” better, we’re experts in business growth and sales operations.

We’ll help you shorten the time of getting into new markets, improving results with your current customers and markets… saving you time and money,  to get to where you want to be faster.

Properly engaging with customers and potential customers is a massive problem for a lot of companies. We work with you and your team to coach you through every aspect of the customer journey so that you can win more often and develop a sustainably growing business this year!

Our growth framework is the backbone of how we help companies succeed.

We mention this because every business is different, but there must be a methodical process by which you look at every aspect of marketing and sales to make sure you don’t miss the small detail that could “bring you unstuck” – which by the way is why a lot of businesses aren’t growing – because they “gloss over” the simple stuff… missing out on large opportunities to realise growth and efficiencies. This growth framework  that we’ve developed gives us the ability to help more clients, more quickly, and succeed more often – gaining traction from wherever you are more quickly.

Happy Clients

"Dealt with Matthew for over a year now and have found his support and advice to be invaluable. Strong network links with the right people, accurate advice and knowledge with a strong understanding of business and especially the Defence sector. Will continue to work with Matthew into the future. "
- J Buhagiar
"Had I been able to access 'one session' with Matthew when I started out, it would have shaved two frustrating years off my journey into the Supply-Chain. Well done Matthew, you're saving people a lot of valuable time."
- R Harvey

We are the sales experts

We know sales like the back of our hands, because we’ve covered every aspect of the sales operations portfolio. 

If you’ve never heard of ‘sales operations’, it encompasses everything to do with marketing and sales functions; covering the development of opportunities, nurturing them through their customer journeys, negotiating the deal or “closing the sale” and continuing to provide excellent customer service and account management throughout your business. 

Partnering with us will ensure your business’ marketing and sales structure, processes, assets and systems are refined, put in place and made suitable, efficient and effective for making more sales in any market. 

Cracking the Sales Growth NUT

You need to have a plan with a tangible goal to focus everything

You need to intimately know who you're targeting

You must have resources to sell your kit!

Ultimately you need to have a solution that your target market wants with a unique differentiator that will outsell your competition when your perfect customer comes along

It’s hard to put a value on something as invaluable as experience. 

We like to frame it with the money that you save by getting expert help in early, so that your in-house team isn’t wasting their time doing something they’ve never done before (not experts in) or maybe only have completed once in their life.

Every month we work with various customers to develop their strategies to market, better structure, processes, assets and systems with the result of them improving results – making more sales and money as they go!  

We bridge the knowledge and experience gap with marketing and sales for you. When the marketing and sales are taken care of, you’ll find everything else a lot easier… and ‘it’ will all seemingly ‘slip into place’.

Our commitment to you is to help you grow your business

We know the right way to do things with marketing and sales to help you grow your business. As previously stated, we’ve had our own businesses and grown them (not just this one).

We could be a standard “consulting firm”, but we know that you as a business owner or manager wants the hands-on-help, to actually achieve the results, not just advice.

To grow, you must commit and keep going. 

Having a niche and a clear competitive advantage… will help you get “there” much more quickly, hitting the amazing numbers you want to, year on year. 

Many companies never niche down or define a competitive advantage; and complain about losing margin and not being able to get enough new business… 

Our focus is helping you created the best sales operations, with marketing and sales functions as asset, not costs to the company. 

We’ll help you lay the solid foundation you need to Crack that NUT!


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