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Are you FRUSTRATED!!! with Sales and Marketing

You’re not alone!

We’ve found that using data (there’s a lot more than you would think!)… in conjunction with marketing and sales best practices – has produced the best results. 

Here are some things that we hear potential customers say on a regular basis:

1. We don’t have enough leads and opportunities! / How can we get better results from our marketing efforts?


2. We have lots of opportunities that never drop – so we have a really high cost of customer acquisition… and still not enough sales!

Walking business leaders through their frustrations and out the other side into achieving their goals, brings us great joy. 

With a typical advertising agency, they will not have research and analysis as a standard precursor to any marketing or sales effort. We will not work with people that do not allow us to do the research and analysis properly.

The essential reason we started this marketing consulting services business was to help small business and their owners in a tangible way; which sme businesses need most… the alongside part. 

We have been and are in business leadership and also sales and marketing management… and it’s plain hard work (not that we’re against hard work)! What we are against, is doing things in a way that has been superseded generations ago.  Digital technology has refined the way the world does business!

Software has brought a huge amount of efficiency… and with it data to be able to make things even more effective.  We’ve developed our business into a full service solution, combining marketing and sales process consulting with marketing agency services. This combination is what makes us the best choice marketing agency Melbourne.

Our holistic services have allowed us to help companies structure, plan and execute with the right information, so that they get amazing results the first time… NOT after they have wasted a whole bunch of time and money trying things out until something magically works.


Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success!  – Henry Ford 

We are more powerful when we empower each other – It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we’re in it together.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together!  – James Cash Penney

Who we are

We’ve been developing and growing businesses for the better part of 15 years, mostly setting up and implementing go-to-market strategies for growth. You could see us as a strategic marketing agency or advertising agency… however we are more holistic in our approach and implementation.

Engineering management, service, repairs, spare parts management and selling these services were all a part of our managing partners remit… when he started in the workforce. Obviously things have developed from that point, but that’s where it all started! He started unknowingly, developing the sales and marketing frameworks that have been a major part of his success story in business.

Yes, there have been failures and hard times along the way… there is always a failure story or two on the road to success! 

The main reason we started this business, was to help eliminate the frustration that leaders have, with poorly performing sales and marketing efforts; enabling better ROI, from a much needed department ie. revenue and profit, must be front and centre when making all decisions in business.

Enabling results, through empowerment and education of the leadership and relevant staff – in order to deliver the sales and marketing results, is what we do. When something is this important, it is very important to have the right people in place; who know what they are doing and can deliver the results needed.

What we do

The two main issues we see are that there is hardly any consideration for strategic marketing and the sales process is not led by the customer buying journey. Effective marketing only works when aligned with a customer buying journey led sales process and research and analysis to support the direction.

Finding a Competitive Edge

As you can understand – you know your business better than we do. Therefore we start with understanding your business and then research and analysis of your competition and market. This helps us quickly get on the same page with you and establish the correct direction to go forward; after clearly identifying the gaps for potential marketing and sales improvements and areas to glean additional profitability.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Alongside this, we are often able to establish unique selling points (USP’s). USP’s are often NOT clear within a company and staff cannot identify or explain them – which is a huge roadblock to successfully winning more customers. 

There are a number of other main issues we see… a lack of a singular focus – on one Niche (your top 5 customers) and a different Value Proposition from the competitors.

These lead to most sales people thinking they need to cut margin – because their potential customers don’t know why they should buy the product or service from you or the competition. 

Unfortunately this does more damage to a brand than just lowering profit. Consumers are actually looking for value for money above all, rather than the cheapest offering. They like to feel like they are getting a deal that is worthwhile for them, not just purchasing something that is cheap. There has been a lot of research conducted on this topic.

All companies have something unique about them, which is the reason why they have customers. This differentiator can be developed into a serious competitive advantage, which is the start of “stopping margin cutting”, and being able to win customers and projects more often.

As described above, you need a competitive edge. We provide the competitive analysis service and also coaching for implementation, in order to support you through the process of developing a competitive advantage. 

Brand Marketing

To add authority to the advantages of your business – our branding services were developed to focus your sales and marketing efforts with a brand marketing message, highlighting the differences we’ve identified with you in the analysis stage above. Then we setup systems, processes and structures to help automate the lead generation and business’s sales delivery system – to work more effectively and efficiently. 

This is part of developing a business and critical to the branding process. The point of branding is to have your company associated with the thought of a particular generic service or product that your target market needs/ wants. Simply, branding is “the process of creating, maintaining, clarifying or changing a brand”. A perfect example of this is the “Stanley knife or Biro”.

Business Development 

As Business Development Specialists we take our job very seriously, working alongside our clients to create long term value for their businesses. Improving marketing & sales foundations is where we focus our efforts. 

If you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’, we’re not for you. Growing, improving and developing a business takes careful consideration and a lot of time and effort. We do shorten the timeline for you, as our business is to know how to do effective marketing and optimisation of sales processes.

Implementing inbound marketing services, sets the stage for sustainable growth as a part of an effective sales framework. Today’s modern buyers are directing the way we sell; therefore we work with their buying mindset – to get the best results for you.

A lot of companies that are not achieving the goals they have set, miss some fundamentals of developing and growing a business. Simplicity is often the best place to start. Most people chase the fancy new ‘quick fix’ because it seems like it will work and it will cost a lot less than the proven way => research, time and hard work.

Most businesses focus too much on new customer acquisition and forget about the huge amount of opportunities they are missing within their current data base. We start with analysis, because this helps all involved to see what the strengths and weaknesses of the current state are… then – together we create a meaningful plan to implement and test as we go forward.

Business Development is about improvement  for the long term. Good business development is all encompassing, therefore we look at all aspects of a business that have anything to do with the Marketing Mix and the Sales Process.

Online Marketing

Promotion is an extremely important part of the overall marketing mix. The key is to correctly target the niche and where they interact, in order to educate themselves about your product or service. Targeting correctly ensures the results are achieved; but also keeps costs down and increases ROI, creating the start of great results in actual sales.

To put this targeting into action – marketing is the key. We focus a lot of what we do in marketing on:

1. Website rebuilds (updating technology and look and feel). A website is the only thing that you can own on the internet.

A lot of websites are:

  • Not working for marketing
  • Not secure (Hosting and Security are big issues for effective marketing)

These are substantial problems when trying to build a business!


2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO campaigns)

  • On-page Website SEO
  • Google My Business alignment 

3. Google My Business Listing

4. Online reputation management 

5. Review Management

6. Online Advertising Campaigns

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


8. Social Media Marketing

  • Content Strategy  
  • Content writing
  • Non-paid Lead Generation Campaigns  

9. Video Marketing

10. Email Marketing

Rounding out this holistic way we work, is the training and coaching aspect of our business. Just advising how to make businesses grow is fine; but helping companies to develop themselves and thrive without our intervention – is the way to build an amazing legacy. 


Start your business growth journey with a FREE initial Strategy consultation. 

We take the confusion and frustration out of sales and marketing

Our aim is to make effectiveness the result of what we do. Efficiency is one side benefit of our processes, helping companies become more effective, stable and sustainable.

Most companies that offer consulting, only offer a sales or marketing specialty and only advice. This causes some issues, in that sales and marketing planning, strategy and implementation need to all work together. 

That’s the reason why we focus our efforts on business development services; marketing and sales automation as well as on-the-ground help physically making sales – are all a part of these services.


Sales Result Delivery


In order to deliver the best value for money, we first develop a solid foundation for sales through research, analysis, planning, developing strategies, structuring the business and making processes. Providing marketing services after everything is aligned and structured makes the ROI much higher to start with… then we can actually help you bring everything to a tangible head – actual sales.

Growing a company is not simple, but is much easier (and can move a lot more quickly) when people are doing jobs that are within their skill set and also what they enjoy doing… ie. a good fit. 

Recently, I recommended to one of my friends that he should seriously look at putting on an operations manager, because he was trying to run the business day-to-day as well as grow the business from a marketing and sales position (small company syndrome!). When I caught up with him the next time, he told me that he took my advice and hired someone with an operational management specialty. This freed him up to win a couple of big customers – because he was available and in the right frame of mind!

Simply, we believe all business owners are really good at several things, which is why they have a business in the first place… however doing everything to grow a business is simply not possible for any one person by themselves.

Essentially marketing and sales are the most important functions in any business. Often marketing and sales are after thoughts – which we find all too often. People need to be made aware of your products and services as well as being led to the table to purchase them. Delivery is the last thing you need… Most businesses focus far too much on the product and delivery and forget about marketing and sales = the first two steps!

This mindset keeps most businesses in a state of very average financial performance.

Through consultation, coaching, training and implementation of the right sales and marketing services we help businesses significantly increase their profit and revenue… their financial performance.


Think of us as a sales enablement tool, marketing arm and effectiveness coaches. 

Building an empire… Why do you need a Value Proposition?

We’ve found the problem of NOT having a unique Value Proposition stops companies from becoming the best they could be and securing their rightful part of the market to call their own.

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do. – Henry Ford 

Part of building a reputation is marketing. To effectively market your brand, you need to clearly state what you stand for. Positioning your brand through your marketing process is the most effective way to stake your claim on a part of the market ie. your potential market share. 

Focus on building the best possible business. If you are great, people will notice and

opportunities will appear. –  Mark Cuban

What’s on this site?

There are a lot of useful resources here, if you are interested in growing your business. 

You’ll find information on business development, sales planning, marketing strategies, competitive advantage, digital marketing, branding and positioning, online reputation as well as building websites.

We have also written a mass of articles on these topics above and a few more… under “Blogs” in the menu – TOP RIGHT of screen. 



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