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Matthew Benn – Managing partner


After many years in senior leadership roles in the corporate world, on the ground selling and setting up multiple successful businesses of my own… I’ve now turned my knowledge and experience into a training and consulting business specialising in the Defence industry.

You may notice that I talk about the Defence Industry more than just ‘Defence’, because most of the work Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses will win, is through Industry Primes – not directly with Defence. In fact there are many layers or tiers in the Defence Supply Chain (DSC)! 

SMEs contribute a massive amount to the DSC and also the entire Australian economy. SMEs make up 98% of all Australian businesses, produce one-third of the total GDP and employ 4.7 million people. SMEs can benefit greatly and in many ways by working in the Defence industry with Australian Industry Content now mandated, multiple avenues of grant funding opportunities and tax breaks!

Many businesses try for years and fail at selling into Defence; and if they do manage it… have contractual delivery problems including loosing their IP.

Developing your proposition correctly will effectively help you to win in Defence and also make money as you go… success in Defence!

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