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Who are Alongside Business Consulting?

If you are simply wondering who we are and what we do… we are a mix of business management professionals including a marketing strategist, marketing agency, business advisor and business streamlining professional who have banded together as a consulting firm.

Our history is all in developing and growing businesses for the past 20 years or so; mostly setting up and implementing go-to-market strategies for business growth.

Now we advise frustrated business owners/ managers (like you) about WHY their businesses aren’t growing and showing you WHERE & HOW to start the growth process.

Data driven planning, systems and processes are a large part of what we help our clients with.  After a solid foundation is laid… marketing and sales work a lot better! 


 Why Marketing Consulting?

On our journey to this point, we have seen a lot of stress and desperation from owners and managers. Unfortunately these uncomfortable and paralysing feelings are a part of too many owners and managers experiences, as they try to grow and manage their organisations. As eluded to above, our team has also experienced these feelings in business ownership and also senior management of corporate businesses. 

The main reason we started this business, was to help eliminate the frustration that leaders have, with poorly performing sales and marketing efforts; enabling better ROI, from a much needed department ie. revenue and profit, must be front and centre when making all decisions in business.

Enabling results, through empowerment and education of the leadership and relevant staff – in order to deliver the sales and marketing results, is what we do. When something is this important, it is very important to have the right people in place; who know what they are doing and can deliver the results needed. 


One of the main issues we see is that there is a very poorly mapped out Sales Process or Customer Buying Journey. This results in a sales pipeline which is not reliable and therefore forecasting sales and reporting to senior management is virtually impossible. The end result is frustration for sales people, management and owners.


The other main issue we see, is that the Niche and Value Proposition of a company is not established or does not have a defined focus in order to set them apart from their competition. This leads to most sales people thinking they need to cut margin, because their target market doesn’t know why they’re buying the product or service… instead of the competition’s. 


Unfortunately this does more damage to a brand than just lowering profit. Consumers are actually looking for value for money above all, rather than the cheapest offering. They like to feel like they are getting a deal that is worthwhile for them, not just purchasing something that is cheap. There has been a lot of research conducted on this topic.


All companies have something unique about them, which is the reason why they have customers. This differentiator can be developed into a serious competitive advantage, which is the start of “stopping margin cutting”, and being able to win customers and projects more often.


These two issues are also usually the root causes of high sales staff turnover and a lack of sustainable growth… and are fairly easily cured.


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As business consultants in Melbourne, we are here to improve sales and marketing functions, for and with business leaders.

We are a small company, bringing that personal touch that you don’t and won’t get from a larger consulting firm or marketing agency.

Our experience all stems from running companies from a sales and marketing perspective and also running our own businesses… of which our consultants have all had their own businesses outside of this consulting firm selling products and services.

We specialise in marketing strategy, which is the science and art-form of putting in place a system for marketing to increase a brand’s position and the sheer amount of leads brought into a business; prior to sales outreach. We always start with the analysis of a business, their market and that of the competition. Then the implementation of the plan, strategies, a good business structure, and processes. Through well thought out and delivered marketing services we deliver results for business growth.

All of our consulting and marketing services relate to the improvement of the bottom line… sales. 

The professional services industry has a very broad and complex landscape. From a high level overview we specialise in business development services which have the main aim of finding and implementing a competitive advantage, through the branding and positioning efforts of a companies marketing. Therefore promoting a brands unique differentiators in order to improve sales and profits as a result. 

Sales and Marketing Consultants are tools to be used (like I.T. and digital tech) to achieve the things you want more quickly and in a much more organised way.

Matthew Benn, The Managing Partner

Why would you need help with Sales and Marketing?


These are the most common pain points that we hear from business owners.


A) We want more new customers, we struggle to get them

B) We don’t seem to be able to retain our customers on a price basis and need to keep cutting our margins

C) We don’t have a sales pipeline that we can rely on


Why is Alongside Business Consulting



Have you ever had someone walk you through a problem?


We have found this model very helpful in our lives, so we built a business around it! 

Our model is a more personal one, in that we recommend meeting in person more often than emailing and talking on the phone. Personal interactions are much more meaningful and tend to get to the end goal faster, with more buy-in from all parties involved.


We demystify the “how” of marketing and sales, working on “where” to start first… it’s actually a science.


Alongside Business Consulting can be… a Sounding Board, Part of your Team or a powerful ally who promotes your brand effectively.

How do we work / What’s the process? 

After helping a customer find their competitive advantage, we focus their whole business on selling that to maximum effect (profit and revenue). A great brand positioning strategy is essential to start developing, as the business focusses down on their niche.

This most often looks like… designing and infusing the differentiator we have identified with them, into their branding message. This helps to position the brand in the correct niche and allows them to take advantage of this new found competitiveness. Weaving it all together in their marketing and sales systems, helps to attract more potential customers and then sell more – for more profit! 

We call our system “Business Growth Simplified”.

Some of the things we do everyday.

1. Competitive advantage analysis, planning & strategy 

2. Sales framework development 

3. Marketing mix planning & strategy 

4. Branding & Positioning

5. Online presence building (SEO & reputation management

6. Advertising campaigns (Including Physical Mail, google, facebook, linkedIn, email marketing, and some unique Ad tools that no-one else knows about!) 

Our Services

2. Competitive Advantage

In simple form, a competitive advantage is derived from analysing the market, your business and the competitors of your business.

Why would you need to do an analysis?

For the purpose of understanding and developing a differentiator which will allow your company to sell more, more often, for more profit.

This type of analysis should be a fundamental part of any company’s strategic business planning process.

When your business has a differentiator that is significant, it will make your product or service seem superior in the eyes of the potential customers.

Think about this:

If a prospective customer approached you and asked, “Why should I choose you over your competitor(s)?”

Would you be able to give them an answer that would help them to make the decision to chose your product or service… or would you struggle and they would walk down the road?

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