About us


After working as a senior leader and also establishing several successful businesses of my own, I felt it necessary to solve some common issues with consulting from my acquired wisdom. The knowledge and experience gained in senior leadership prompted me toward this consulting business; which now also offers training. Today, we are solely focused on helping SMEs  building their businesses in the Australian Defence sector. 

It brings me great joy working with SMEs and seeing them flourish. They are the backbone of the Australian economy! SMEs represent 98% of all businesses in Australia and contribute one-third of the entire GDP. Employing 4.7 million people is another feather in the cap for small to medium enterprise (SMEs). 

The Australian Governments push for Australian Industry Capability (AIC) allows SMEs to find more of the spotlight in Defence and also shores up the supply chain with contractors who know Australia (they’re Australians) and have something to prove, making the Defence industry even stronger as a sector in Australia. It is an open and honest opportunity to grow – for a large number of SMEs in the Australian Defence market. The doors are also open to a fair amount of grant funding and tax breaks from time to time. 

Due to the nature of my experience as a marketing and sales leader and also business owner, we’ll help you overcome your shortcomings with marketing and sales as we bridge the gaps in your business from a marketing and sales perspective. 

Our job is to make you more successful with selling! 

The main problem we see is a lack of understanding about how to approach the Defence market… followed closely with a lack of structure, systems and processes to ensure that sales happen.

We bring the experience to help you overcome these issues and and improve your position quickly, so that you can gain traction fast and move forward into the Defence industry with confidence!

Through collaboration with a number of veteran owned businesses we provide a clear and supported path to help you win Defence sales; the start of this cycle is helping you develop a step-by-step strategic plan for marketing and sales. 

Sales are the lifeblood of all businesses… don’t let your lack of experience with Defence let you down!



Creating your proposition correctly (USP/UVP) will immediately help you gain traction faster in the Defence sector


Find out How & Where to start gaining Clarity & Traction with Sales!