Want Your Business To Perform Better?

Low profit, low margins, and underperforming sales departments… even after working harder, you still hear excuses from your senior management. 

An underperforming team can have multiple root causes, but the problem of not having a competitive advantage is impossible to beat – without developing one.

When you hear:

The market is too crowded

Our customers aren’t loyal anymore

'Sales' is just not the same any more

We can’t seem to cut through and convince our potential customers anymore

We often have to 'cut margin' to close the deal

Your salespeople are wanting to 'move on' constantly, because it’s 'too hard to sell'

These words point toward a larger problem… NO Competitive Advantage!

Bigger Competitive Advantage

Have you ever conducted a competitive analysis of your business?

The devil is in the detail, the flaws causing you to be uncompetitive and disadvantaging your company need to be disposed of; but you need to find them first. 

…but how do you do that, and where should you start?

Everything begins with a plan.

A solid effort in strategic planning is a good start to helping your business overcome the disadvantage of not having a competitive advantage. 

First, you need to understand your business, before learning from the competitors. 

Connecting your business’ data and analysing it will immensely help you understand your business and how to develop your competitive advantage; giving your business a solid foundation with the start of a fantastic strategic plan for growth! 

Why is your marketing and sales strategy not working? 

Many of the reasons will be hiding in the data (waiting to be analysed), but you also need someone with experience to interpret the data and then put the findings together into an actionable plan. 

What you bring to the table (your special thing/solution for the customer) is the basis for your competitive advantage. 

Knowing who you are best to sell to, also makes a large difference to effectiveness… but that’s another topic (it does need to at least be mentioned here though). 

In our job of helping you grow your business, we think understanding where you sit amongst the competitors is a really good place to start.

We call it benchmarking (there are many other names also) and it all starts with a competitor analysis. 

If you have some of the stresses mentioned above with regard to sales (and also marketing) not performing as you want them to… it’d be worth having a chat.

There is nothing worse than ignoring a problem that you could have solved before it becomes a nightmare in your business.

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Table of Contents

The main reason WHY most people FAIL at Marketing and Sales

What is a competitor analysis?

It is a fact-finding mission to determine where you stand amongst the competitors. 

Find out their strengths and weaknesses…

Building Solid Foundations

Why do you need a competitor analysis?

To know what the overall points of difference are (at least on paper) and potential holes you can fill in the market.

Also, to find some ways you could improve your stance in the market (amongst the competitors). 

This is where we step in, our ability to do the research, analysis and build the right strategies – are based on data and years of experience; especially in the Defence sector. 

We know how to develop the tools for your business to gain an edge in the market!

It also opens a door to clarity for you to entice investors and overseas collaborators who might seek out a company like yours – as the authority with your speciality in the Australian Defence industry. 

Developing a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Elements of competitive analysis.

Business Analysis

The essence… to know your customers, your business’ strengths and weaknesses.

To identify the gaps in your business and start to plot a course to overcome the issues that arise.

Competitor Analysis

To know what your potential customers want, and what the breadth of potential opportunities are for you to be able to continue to grow as a company.

Market Research

Knowing how your competitors run their business, what they say about what they do, where they promote themselves and what they offer in the market. 

As you go, it is best to set up a structured way to accumulate data and sort it in a way that makes it easier for you to continue to see clearly. 

We’ll guide you through the process and help you to develop a differentiator that becomes the UVP (Unique Value Proposition) for your business. 

Automation is the Key

Competitive advantage

Perspectives are everything with a competitive advantage. 

It is only an advantage to the person buying and selling, not to all who look on.

That’s why a Perfect Customer Profile is so important.

It guides you to understand what advantages you need to look into, when developing your competitive advantage.

Combine that with a solid customer buying journey and you can say the right things, in the right way, to the right people at the right time. 

That is an example of a competitive advantage – just like that!

y is a by product of we will guide you to do (But it takes in-depth research and analysis). 

To understand your customers well, you need to:

Quickly Boost Sales Conversion Rates

A glimpse into competitive advantage strategies -

Low-cost strategy

Offering a price that no one else can often put the ball in our court, but it is not advisable for SMEs. This structure can only be adopted by industry giants. 

Differentiation Strategy

Using branding to speak to your customers and potential customers uniquely. The power of visibility can and will gain your company, a key position in the market. Visibility is increased by placing plenty of products and through branding.

The Focus Strategy

To serve a specific customer base that is untouched by competitors, or to serve in a way that is your unmatched authority in the whole market. 

Operational Effectiveness

When the way your company operates becomes its identity. Usually, no matter how many competitors come, such companies always retain their customer base through their product quality and ethics.

Tech-based competitive strategy

The use of advanced technology in manufacturing and operations can change everything for your business.

Innovative strategy

Offering something new in the same old products opens room for customer base growth and high sales figures than the competitors. 

Adaptability Competitive Advantage

Change is a constant in all industries. Companies built to adapt to change and withstand opposing environments always make their way to the top. 

Information Advantage Strategy

Information mixed with experience helps build robust strategies. Companies that strive for knowledge always adopt innovation first, and make a long-lasting place for themselves in the market. Such companies are trendsetters. 


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