Sales Processes that convert more sales


Great companies have processes that enable their people to succeed more quickly and in the most efficient manner. 

To achieve this, there is a fair amount of time needed for discovery and development, as well as continuous improvement of the developed processes. 

A sales process is basically a series of steps with gates (in and out for qualifying) that you take potential customers through on their buying journey with your business.

Quite simply, a well researched, thought out and implemented sales process makes it easier for you to nurture potential customers and close sales.

Typically, there is no documented sales process in a business or it is way too complex (too many steps) and not focussed enough to be effective or useful.

The information gathered in a sales process (data) should be used for the benefit of the business and it’s growth, most importantly it should help the salespeople be more effective with sales!

One very important use of the data collected throughout the sales process is for reporting; to management and also back to the staff who are interacting with the customers – so that they can sell more effectively. 

It’s all about making a better sales pipeline, for more efficiency and effectiveness in revenue generation and profitability for the long-term.


Also you may be experiencing some of these issues…

A) limited clarity on what sales will close in 1 week, 1 month, 3 months etc.

B) not understanding what triggers will progress potential deals

C) not knowing what specific buttons to press to grow revenue in 1 month, 3 months & 6 months

D) it’s hard to onboard new sales staff, because there is no easy to explain system to onboard them to – to get them selling 

Developing a sales process that reliably helps salespeople close more deals and allows management to understand how to forecast cashflow takes time and good planning… and makes a huge difference when it happens!

Effective pipeline management is a major aspect of a good sales process. Unfortunately there is no way to measure or therefore manage anything well, in most sales processes… because they are not set up well.

You need long term vision and solid planning to establish a strong perpetual sales pipeline. 

The core of sales processes that we help our clients develop revolve around keeping the right prospects in the sales process and moving moving forward in their buying journeys. Then once they are clients for the first time retaining them for the long term. 

Knowing your customer intimately including their buying behaviour and stages in their buying journey improves your sales process by a huge proportion. 

Combining an intimate knowledge of the customer and a deep understanding of the market will also help you stay ahead of the market and close more sales because you are nurturing potential clients in a different and better way than your competitors (with good data).

Creating your sales process with the customer at the centre also has other positive outcomes, one of which is helping you predict how to cater for the upcoming demands and develop products and services to meet the needs of the customers early. 

Traits Of A Good Sales Process

Some of these are filters and pre-work you need to have done prior to starting your sales process development.

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