This project will provide the ADF with a Medium Range, Ground-Based Air Defence Capability.

Department of Defence

LAND 8180 Phase 1 will acquire a suite of dedicated, purpose built rescue and firefighting vehicles that provide domestic emergency response to airfield incidents, and wildfire suppression resulting from weapons testing or severe environmental conditions.

Two fire trucks pouring water

Aviation and Field Fire Truck Capability

The two vehicle types to be acquired are the Aviation Fire Vehicle and the Wildfire Vehicle.

The immediate priority for the Project is to replace the Air Force’s extant Aviation Fire Vehicles (formerly known as Truck Firefighting Airfield) with a modern fleet.

In several years’ time, the Project expects to initiate procurement of Wildfire Vehicles.

The following information relates to the Aviation Fire Vehicle acquisition only:

Requirements The Commonwealth is seeking to acquire a single fleet of Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles that have a boom mounted primary turret fitted with piercing nozzle. The vehicles shall be 6x6 vehicles that meet or exceed the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) ARFF Category 6 when the vehicles are operated in pairs. The replacement vehicles are expected to be Commercial-off-the-Shelf vehicles that require minor customisation to meet the Commonwealth’s requirements. The Commonwealth intends to own the vehicles and does not intend to pursue alternative options such as lease, hire or private public partnership.
RFT Documentation The RFT is based on the ASDEFCON (Complex) Volume 2 template.
Support The Commonwealth intends that Defence will support replacement Aviation Fire Vehicles using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) data such as operating and maintenance manuals and parts lists. The Commonwealth is not seeking to establish a contract to outsource the support of these vehicles at this time.

Indicative Schedule (may be subject to change)

31 Mar 2021 Request for Tender release
14 Apr 2021 Request for Tender pre-recorded Industry Brief release
22 Jun 2021 Tender Closing Date
Q3 2021 to Q1 2022 Tender Evaluation (assuming an Offer Definition & Improvement Activity is conducted)
Q2 2022 to Q3 2022 Contract Negotiations & Signature
2024 to 2025 Vehicle Delivery

Content is current as at May 2021.

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