Can you Trust any Digital Marketing Agency?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when discussing “How to” start growing a business with my clients.

Every business is unique and therefore the way forward with growth is always a little different. However there is a very structured method and process which uncovers the unique problems afflicting every business, stopping the growth from taking over.

Digital marketing is a really important tool these days… BUT… it is only a tool it is NOT the entire marketing strategy.

A well formulated strategy is the key to success with any marketing effort or spend.

Marketing is:

The way you reach your target market and allow them to become aware of your value proposition “the unique solution you offer” to their main problem.
Is finding a digital marketing agency that delivers great bang for buck the answer?

It’s more a case of “are they CAPABLE of developing the right strategy to reach your target market”.

Digital Marketing is just one of multiple strategies (with multiple tools in the D.M. discipline) to help you reach your target market. And it is a great way for a lot of companies to acquire leads and develop customers, however this is something that needs to be established for every business separately.

Time, money and not understanding where to start are the real killers.

Is digital marketing the best way to reach my customers?

Finding an adviser who can help identify which strategies to employ to give you the biggest bang for your marketing buck is a better and more beneficial long term strategy. Achieving great results through all of your marketing efforts should be the aim… not just limited to digital marketing.

Every business should use all marketing tools and methods available – simultaneously, for maximum impact. 

We’ve found and refined a system, which can be rehashed in different ways to continually help you find new customers in different industries; and normally they will come to you…

The Struggles

For small to medium businesses the biggest barrier is being scared of wasting the limited resources that you have; followed very closely by a lack of time to research, think and plan for the best outcome.

You might be familiar with these feelings:

– not knowing where to start

– not sure where and how to spend the limited budget

– not knowing how much is a good budget to start with to test ideas

–  not sure which vendor and method of marketing is best to start with

These are all things that I have felt in my experience growing businesses.

It was after many mistakes that I found the methods that worked to help me grow my first three businesses.

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The Alongside Difference

We believe in partnering with and helping people, rather than just making money as easily and as quickly as possible.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of ways to make plenty of money quickly, however we are not interested in just pushing products and services that we know sell.

We are in business to partner with people to properly diagnose the root cause of the roadblock to their business growth.

Our aim is to lead businesses into growth, through the growth cycle and out into continuously growth outcomes.

Business Growth Simplified!

Wrapping it all together

Digital Marketing demystified

When we found and refined the systems that we use now, we quickly realised how powerful they are!

We’re happy to share some revolutionary Marketing “secrets” with you and also help you long term in continuing to teach and guide you along your path to Sales and Business Transformation.

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This system is used widely – just not shared for free very often!

It is a fantastic FREE TOOL to help you start gaining traction online. It will also help you to think about how to brand and position your business with your target market – offline. This system (in the free guide) can be tailored to any business, in any industry… however there is still work to be done to make sure it is effective for your target market…that’s the tricky bit.

We can help you with finding the best strategies for marketing your product or service as well as physically help to position your brand in the best possible light to make your target market want to work with you as their first preference!

Don’t have a business plan or don’t know how to write a business plan that ticks all the boxes?

We can also help with your business plan, sales and marketing framework, sales process and also mapping out the next phase of your business growth.

Gives us a call or send us an email and we can start the journey together.