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Google is a bit of a funny beast.

In the mid 2000’s I started a business and spent $1500 on a website. The business was not an e-commerce business and the website developer was not an SEO specialist.

Our first business enjoyed being on the first page of Google, in the top 5 listings for 2 years!

The developer had advised me to hire an SEO specialist if I wanted to be near the first page of Google…even with the limited SEO work we were able to place on the first page for that long!

Fast forward to today, I’m in my 4th business and…Google has changed its rulebook – a lot!

Google wants every business that they rank, to have authority in it’s industry of competency.

What does that mean?!

There are many different aspects that Google looks at, but one thing is for sure…all “Authoritative sites” Facebook, Amazon, news media etc all get their direction and rankings from Google authoritative rankings.

75% + of all web searches are on google!




Google is ultimately concerned with what their customers are concerned with = they do have the largest pool of data to mine when it comes to what people are searching for…

People are interested in finding exactly what they are looking for quickly, and in the closest proximity to where they are looking for it.

Google has 3 search platforms…which work hand in hand. You may not realise, but Youtube and Google maps are also truly powerful searching tools. Google maps has become one of the most used tools for finding just about any product or service in and around any locality.


YouTube which is all about videos, picture slideshows and training. These three elements are highly regarded from a authoritative stand point as they support a company’s prominence as the authority on a subject. With the way tagging works from a branding perspective, the right video or picture tagged correctly and linked back from a highly ranked site gives a business a lot more credibility with Google than a white paper from the leading mind in an industry that doesn’t have a broad Web presence and strong content offering.


Blogs and cross linking from popular authoritative sites is another way Google looks at the authority of a business. If you can get a link back to your company site from a authoritative figure from a social media site or news media story… This gives your site more authority in the rankings of Google.

SEO Strategy

Implementing an SEO strategy is a must to stay ahead of your competition.

There are also different types of SEO services, therefore you need to be very sure of the benefits and results you will achieve from your paid SEO services combined with the rest of your marketing spend…

Growth Strategy

We are Management Consultants who guide businesses into the growth process, through the growth cycle and out the other side into successful continuous growth outcomes.

We specialise in Sales and Marketing strategy + implementation of marketing services… and therefore can definitely help you crack the google rankings code.

We’ve also put together an e-book to help you start the process of getting noticed by google…which you can implement yourself…or we can help you do as part of our SEO services. Follow the link to sign up for your FREE guide to start online marketing.

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About the Author

Matthew Benn is the founding partner of Alongside Business Consulting. He has been a senior BD and sales leader for 12 years, as well as being a small business owner for more than 8 years; recently starting Alongside Business Consulting (his fourth business). He really enjoys the challenges and successes that come with developing people and growing businesses, hence has taken these passions and started the management consulting firm with a twist. The plan is to help business owners take control of their destinies and build their businesses simply…Business Growth Simplified.