Meetings are such a large part of our business and professional world these days

We spend so much time and money investing in them with wages to plan, making meeting agendas, issuing everyone a printable copy,  blocking out our calendars to attend them etc. And yet we do not get the return on investment with the results!

To blur the lines more, meetings can be 5 minutes, 5 hours, daily, weekly or monthly… in person, digital, voice, video, for sales, management, operations, finance, with customers, colleagues, and vendors. There are just so many meetings!


As management consultants we want to improve every part of any business we work with; especially the parts that distract from building revenue and increase waste and cost.

Every now and then we come across multiple problems that can be solved with one solution… because they have one root cause.

In the United States alone, 11 million formal business meetings are conducted each day, wasting $37 Billion in wages from unnecessary and ineffective meetings every year.

A large percentage of meetings these days cause so much frustration and waste so much time – it is ridiculous… and as we all know “time is money”! 

The even more ridiculous thing is – that there is such a simple solution to this problem.

Meeting planning and a good strategy are the start, followed by a great process and structure for getting through the discussion… to achieve the result you want.

We are a little bit different, which is the reason why we want to and are able to deliver amazing results through such a mundane task… that why we love helping businesses to start running outrageously effective meetings!


Matthew Benn, The Managing Partner


  • Someone sends out a calendar meeting invite with the time, day and potentially the purpose for the meeting
  • There are empty seats (late comers) at the time the meeting was scheduled to start
  • A meeting agenda is handed out (sometimes there is no agenda)
  • People at the meeting listen and some share their opinions about their problem with the discussion points and problem at hand
  • Many tangents are shared and discussed
  • Sometimes there is a positive decision making time with a result reached – before the allotted meeting time is finished. Many times there is not agreement on the right way forward (the solution or result)
  • At the scheduled end time, there has started to be some good discussion – however a key person has to leave for another meeting
  • Another meeting is scheduled after all the key people have done some further research on the problem(the reason for the first meeting).


The dictionary says a meeting is “an assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion”

…therefore suggesting that there must be an outcome… because the dictionary describes a discussion as “the action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision”

How many meetings do you attend that eventuate in a decision, direction or resolution? 

Another way we help business owners become more successful.

We making your business processes more simple! 

Start getting the results you want and also start enjoying meetings!

Meeting Planner Template

Outline and checklist of putting together a good meeting plan.


  • Attendees
  • Timeline
  • Agenda
  • Action items

From meeting dodgers => to Meeting Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to start enjoying meetings and seeing results each time you meet?


We provide full training on:

  • How to setup a meeting for maximum effectiveness
  • Planning the meeting agenda
  • Setting time allowances for all agenda items
  • Setting the tone for a meeting
  • keeping the meeting on track
  • Helping everyone to feel like they have a say
  • Getting the result you want from the meeting, every time!

We coach through private sessions, phone or

via a video conferencing session.

We are very flexible!


Price shouldn’t be a consideration… when the results are so outrageously good.

This course generally pays for itself after a single day of being used in big business.

We’ve developed a course that even the most super price conscious CFO’s out there will offer to send more of their managers to this Outrageously effective meetings training course we run. 

The dreaded conference room
Happy & constructive meetings
Team work wins!

Alongside Business Consulting

We deliver HUGE savings. 

You deliver the profit!


We deliver savings, You deliver the profit.

Your Success Is Our Mission

We take our mission very seriously. Our methodology has already helped hundreds of businesses and saved $trillions of dollars in lost time and subsequent ineffective projects, sales and businesses. 

Imagine what it would be like if you could have efficient and effective meetings instead of the weekly and monthly time wasting and frustration building experiences that meetings normally are?


Find out How & Where to start gaining Clarity & Traction with Sales!