The Simple Secret to Sales Success!

This topic of conversation normally opens up a can of worms, especially when thrown into a room full of business owners and /or sales people.

Let’s not focus on the nitty gritty as this adds a layer of complexity that will vary for every business, product, service and industry.

When you boil it all down, sales is actually a very simple formula. Getting to all the answers needed, to be able to implement the simple formula is the hard part.

Everything in this formula is very closely aligned and revolving around the value that the customer sees in your company from the process they go through with you and your solution to their problem.

Here is the simple formula. There are of course some variables to this, but let’s just keep it simple!

Value Proposition

  1. Make sure the thing that the company provides, is wanted by a group of people, regularly enough for a profitable business to exist… price point vs value to the customer is the key.
  1. Focus everything in the business on helping your target market to see and understand the difference your main Unique Selling Proposition has in the market. Promotion needs to be a big part of this.

Alignment of resources

  1. Map your target market’s customer buying journey and integrate the steps from this into the measurables, and therefore the transition points from one step to the next within your sales process.
  1. Make sure everyone and everything in the business (all resources) are aligned with the sales process, in order for the whole business to be helping the sales process move forward and not burn the potential customers.

Customer Service

  1. Make sure you continue to service the customer in the way they want to be attended to, all the way through the buying cycle (relevant personal connections and information), through the deliver stage and follow them up with a customer satisfaction survey, making sure all questions and issues are attended to in the right way. Then ask for referrals… when all is said and done.
There are so many things to unpack in this topic, let’s focus on a HUGE one that is simple but not many businesses have it nailed!

What is a USP?

A unique selling proposition (USP) refers to the unique benefit exhibited by a company, service, product or brand that enables it to stand out from competitors. The unique selling proposition must be a feature that highlights product benefits that are meaningful to consumers.


Why it’s important to make sure you’ve identified the differentiator (USP) when your business is already going well!

Realistically you will have these benefits if you do:

A) You target market and therefore New Customers will be attracted to you, because they will understand that your solution is how they want to solve their problem 

B) be able to sell for more profit

C) Lower cost of customer acquisition, because you won’t waste time with too many people that aren’t actually going to buy into your value – because they understand it already

D) You can refine your business processes to waste less time doing things that don’t benefit the customer, therefore getting more done to make more money


Why am I banging on about USPs?

Most business owners think they have theirs nailed… but they don’t.


3 x symptoms of not having USPs embedded in your business

1. Cutting margin to make sales

2. Too many opportunities that don’t go anywhere 

3. Not enough results from all the action happening in sales

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Sales Results

Great marketing results, are the start of great sales results… it’s that simple.

Having a USP or multiple unique selling points is the start of effective marketing.

To have clarity in your sales pipeline, there needs to be a transparent and robust marketing system and a good sales process. Development of new opportunities and also re-marketing to existing customers are extremely important components to start achieving great sales results.

It always starts with understanding the value that you bring to the party, for your customers. With the right marketing mix and sales framework, you will take advantage of this differentiation between you and your competitors… which is also known as a competitive advantage.

Putting it all together well – will ensure your team is not only efficient and effective, they are also able to be kept on track and see where they are headed. Keeping your team healthy and happy should be one of the considerations.

The Alongside Difference

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