The Henry Ford Affect

The innovator, process maker and my great, great Uncle!

Obviously Henry Ford meant a lot, to a lot of people and still intrigues many more. I am actually a distant relative of Henry Ford and his inspirational ways of thinking live on in me.

Transformation comes from a curious mind that likes to make something into something better or bigger. I’ve just started my 4th “real” business. Even though I have had three successful businesses in the past as an adult. I am transforming my passion for business development and Australian industry into a full time business consultancy firm focused on helping small to medium businesses grow and expand.


Dear old Uncle Henry was a man of great vision, strategy, systematisation and process… simple. However if that is all he had, he would not have become the man we all know him as and make the things that we all recognise him for.

This is one of his famous quotes which those outside of the marketing industry may not know…

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.

While this is not why he was ultimately successful it is one of the fundamentals as were his relationships, ambition, persistence, tenacity, blood sweat and tears.

All of these things are also what makes successful entrepreneurs successful; and a little bit of capital, and right place, right time etc…as well.

While many of you will not know me personally, what I do as a business person is what a large proportion of today’s young people want to do… be in control of growing something for themselves. That may sound fairly ambitions to say; even obnoxious to suppose that I am on such a wonderful path.

Most entrepreneurs businesses embody much of what I believe Henry Ford was on about. In our business we transfer this mindset of simplicity and systemisation into helping business owners take control of their destinies by helping them to grow and stabilise their businesses. Everyone who goes into business has had a dream for their business. We’re in the business of making dreams into reality = Business Growth Simplified.

It is astounding to me how much of Henry Ford’s core ethos has been passed through even the wider family line, as in my immediate family. I come from a family who had nothing, but made nothing into everything we needed; as well as having an amazing upbringing where we learnt to invent our own fun and “hustle” like every entrepreneur does. In fact after I started my first business I reflected on why I started up in the first place (most people told me I was crazy to start a business at my age and stage of life). In my early years (6-10) I started a business making icy poles (frozen, flavoured liquid). In my later childhood (12-16) I had a newspaper run and mowed lawns etc. I could just never sit still, which was a common complaint from all my teachers at school (until I “dropped out”). Education is very important, hence I will mention that I eventually went back 2 years later, finished high school and then studied for an extra four years to become an aircraft engineer.

I’ve since grown 3 businesses successfully, and have embarked on the 4th this year as I wrote these words.

This is also a shameless plug to those that align with having a crack at business and being honest enough with themselves to put up there hand and say, “I can’t do it all myself”.

That’s one of the signs of being a great leader and also how the results get a lot better. Great leaders surround themselves with great people!

Happy to help, that’s why we’re in business – to help business owners.

Smooth business… Happy life!

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About the Author

Matthew Benn is the founding partner of Alongside Business Consulting. He has been a senior BD and sales leader for 12 years, as well as being a small business owner for more than 8 years; recently starting Alongside Business Consulting (his fourth business). He really enjoys the challenges and successes that come with developing people and growing businesses, hence has taken these passions and started the management consulting firm with a twist. The plan is to help business owners take control of their destinies and build their businesses simply…Business Growth Simplified.