Plan for success – write your plan

How much importance do you place on planning, before you start a job / project / day?

Writing your plan down is helpful and a critical part of the successful outcome of any project (business, project, sale, meeting etc…).

As an engineer, sales professional, sales leader and business owner (4th business now) I have written many plans. Whether it be a project plan, daily plan, sales call plan, marketing plan or business plan (amongst many others) they will all have a much more successful outcome when they start with a written plan.

Plans help us to think about many things including which direction to head, goals, measure-ables etc…and while writing the plan – hopefully we have done some research to get the informative data needed to write the plan, with purpose. For example: In Sales – before you start the day it is always wise to have written a call plans for all of your customer visits / calls for the day.

Plans identify problems and opportunities, establish a base line from which to launch each discussion etc… Writing a plan opens the meeting / day / project up to maximise the possibility of a successful outcome.

Many books and articles have been written on using all the tools available… which by the way is a must do for all businesses = using all the tools. Writing plans down is part using all the tools.

It still shocks me how many people miss this critical step when trying to grow or start a business / deliver a project / have a successful interaction with a customer that results in a sale.

Plan for success – write your plan
1. How much importance do you place on planning % wise?
2. How often does that critical stage of planning get missed before you start on the first task…without planning?

A simple strategic plan framework

A) Have a single specific goal and write it down

B) Plan at least 3 steps / stages along the way – that are achievable and measure-able; to keep you on track to reach the single goal note above

C) work out what you need to physically do – to achieve each step and do the tasks!

A strategic plan to Start online marketing on the right foot

Online marketing is only one of the tools, and to start with – the basics are virtually FREE… and incredibly powerful! 

We have written a plan (3 step guide), specifically targeted at helping businesses that don’t know where to start or are struggling with online marketing / lead generation. Sign Up below to receive the plan!


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