Business management is an offensive and defensive play

Most business owners have felt like they are in the pot with the pasta ie:

1. The heat is on and there seems to be NO way out from being cooked along the way

2. In a jumbled and claustrophobic atmosphere

3. confused and sweaty from all the activity… But don’t know where you are in the mess

Well you are not alone, I’ve been there too.




  1. The Struggles
  2. How to minimise the hard times 
  3. The amazing parts of sticking the course

The Struggles

started my first business just before the GFC when the world became my oyster. It was a fantastic time in the world when there was so much opportunity it was really easy to make a go of it in business and just about anyone could do alright.

The GFC definetly sorted the serious players out from the not so serious… Although it still took out some serious players also.

My point… business has become a lot more difficult in the past decade and a lot of business owners are scratching their heads to figure out how to survive let alone thrive.

Technology has become very sophisticated and the strategies to use these new fangled tools have also become more sophisticated.


In this age of confusion, sophistication and also plenty (too many if you ask me) we’ve found that simplicity and process will beat the competition every time.

We also believe in helping people rather than just making money as easily and as quickly as possible. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of ways to make plenty of money quickly and easily in strategy consultanting and digital marketing (some of our regular services), but we are not interested in just pushing products and services that we know sell, and that sell really well. We are in business to partner with people to properly diagnose the root cause of the roadblock to their business growth.

We lead businesses into growth, and we through the growth cycle and out into continuously growth outcomes.

Business Growth Simplified!

If you want to know more about our meetings playbook, follow the link!

We have developed a meeting facilitators training course to help improve the effectiveness of all your meetings.

This also has the knock on effective of reducing project times, lowering project cost, increasing project delivery under budget and on time as well as increasing revenue and profit… surprisingly and outrageously effective wouldn’t you say?


Book your management team in for our “Outrageously Effective Meetings” training course or a free strategy consultation to assess how else we might be able to help you grow your business


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About the Author

Matthew Benn is the founding partner of Alongside Business Consulting. He has been a senior BD and sales leader for over 12 years, as well as being a small business owner for more than 8 years.

He really enjoys the challenges and successes that come with developing people and growing businesses, hence has taken these passions and put Alongside Business Consulting on the map. Our aim is to help business owners take control of their destinies and build their businesses successfully… Business Growth Simplified.