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Q. What’s better than Branding?

A. Nothing!

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We help businesses become more successful; by helping them stand out from the crowd.

Today’s digital environment is very noisy!

A market, business and competitive analysis is the start of finding out “where and how” to position your business as unique, in order to sell more – more often.

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Our focus is on getting you started with a message that speaks to your target market and allows your brand to immediately be seen as different from your competition.

Stand out from the crowd is extremely important!

We specialise in holistic branding; capturing your message in a Slogan/ Tag line or Jingle (or both) and continuing through into with colour schemes and logo design to make sure your company is positioned in the right way to attract your perfect clients.


What is branding?

Is branding a logo designing exercise?


The creative services industry has a lot to answer for this question! Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of confusion surrounding brands and branding!

Settle in with a coffee and read on – to understand what brands and branding are meant to be about.

Much of the confusion stems from two scenarios:

  • branding consultants with a limited understanding of marketing; and
  • advertising and marketing consultants with a limited understanding of branding.


Consequently, the industry has confused audiences by coining often self-contradictory buzz-words and using them superficially or out of context. Not surprisingly, the marketplace is left confused and sceptical.


Branding Design

Alongside Business Consulting are creating solid foundations for companies interested in long term success. This always starts from analysis, and there are uncomfortable moments when management just need to accept that there are things that need to change in order to become more successful.

We define the simple and long lasting truths that set you company apart and will help you grow; consistency in your messaging is one of the keys.

Our definition of branding is ‘creating, maintaining, clarifying or changing a brand’. It’s that simple!


Branding encompasses much more than the visual realm. It’s the process of influencing the perception of a business or product; and any sensory experience can be used as a branding opportunity. Audible and emotional communication are very much part of the process, and can play a significant role in forming an impression of a company. For this reason we started another company “Jingles Branding” in order to focus specifically on creating sound branding – the most effective differentiator for businesses that use radio and video advertising.

Smart businesses harness the impact of all interactions with their potential consumers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and influence customer perception.

Some ‘touch-points’ will have a greater impact than others, and some companies decide to sacrifice certain branding opportunities to meet real or self-imposed budgetary constraints. It’s better to implement some level of strategic branding than none at all.

Branding and Positioning


There are many elements that go into branding, and also the positioning strategy.

We haven’t reinvented the wheel, we have studied hard and been in business, focussed on excellence in sales and marketing, with the right experience, for a long enough time – that we understand how it all works together effectively. 

Starting with a competitive analysis of your market, business and competition, we identify the gaps in your business and the market. This also gives a definitive starting point for the branding and positioning efforts that we will embark on to get you noticed.  

Branding and Positioning are creative and scientific.  Technology and therefore data has given us loads of information to work with. We believe that research and statistics should be the start of any strategic business decisions.

There is much confusion about where to turn for good and useful information. How to best use it – is also an issue…  when there is so much seemingly “great” advice to follow.

Branding and positioning are extremely important for a business’s success and if executed well, bare amazingly powerful results! Companies who base their branding and positioning on research and statistics have a much more well defined plan and strategy which they can also benchmark, test and measure easily.

Branding: Creating, maintaining, strengthening or changing a brand.

Using branding effectively is a very powerful and sustainable marketing strategy – that companies use to influence and manage the way people perceive and respond to their brand. Influencing their target markets buying decisions – is the aim.

It’s our job to use marketing and branding to manage the perception of your brand – to change the way people think and feel about your organisation and, in turn, change their behaviour.

We do this by:

  • creating an affinity or emotional connection with the consumer
  • providing justification for paying a premium price for a service or product
  • creating loyalty to the product or organisation
  • demonstrating the quality and benefits of a service or product and the company behind it.

Acquiring loyal customers (who are happy to pay a premium price) is what many successful businesses strive for, and that’s what the marketing strategy called branding is all about.

What is a Brand Experience?

Your marketing and branding clearly influence, the perception that potential customers have of your product and or service. However, your brand exists whether you actively market your business, or not. If you’re out there, and people are interacting with your business, you have a brand position and your customers have a brand experience.

How customers experience the buyers journey, customer service after the sale, the delivery team and also the marketing and promotional efforts that you are pushing out to the market are all a part of the brand experience that your customers receive and go through.

It’s our job to use marketing services and brand positioning strategies, to manage the perception of your brand; in order to change the way people think and feel about your organisation.

A good brand experience is what you want your potential customers to feel when they think of anything to do with your company. Great brand positioning, will develop those great thoughts and feelings in your potential customers, as they realise their problem and find the solution – your solution. Helping and guiding them through their buyer journey will help to develop that great brand experience that you feel when you deal with the big players like BMW, Nike and Coke.

 Branding Agencies


Today, branding is concerned with creating a perception in the minds of consumers, rather than displaying an identifying mark or promoting a name.

Some branding experts certainly appear to be confused. One consultancy stated on their website that ‘perception creates brand experience’.  This is most likely due to a poorly-defined understanding of the topic, and they are attempting to reconcile incompatible concepts.

This is where our ideology of having frameworks to establish cohesiveness through a business, which makes all efforts and interactions with those companies focused and clearly articulated to the potential consumers.

One of the frameworks that we use is called a marketing mix. This allows everyone in the business to understand how they and their department interacts with the branding message and the consumers.


Positioning Strategy Example

Steps to effectively clarify your position in the right market:

  1. Determine how your brand is currently positioning itself
  2. Competitive landscaping
  3. Understand how each competitor is positioning their brand
  4. Compare your positioning to your competitors to identify your uniqueness
  5. Develop a distinct and value-based Identity
  6. Craft a brand positioning statement
  7. Market test your theories with current customers – with your new brand positioning statement
  8. Make sure you have a system to manage your online reputation

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    Branding is one thing – Brand Positioning is what makes them see it!

    Your Competitive Advantage 

    is what we promote…  

    Our role is to work alongside your team to enhance or completely change the perception of your brand in the minds of your target market… to help you sell more – more often.


    Literally to anchor your brand into a specific term, meaning or feeling is the goal when we start on the journey of brand positioning… after the competitive analysis.


    Positioning your brand is just as important as the branding – having both working as well as each other is the ultimate package.


    Brand Positioning is a key way to obtain and maintain your competitive advantage!

    The Dictionary says

    Brand Positioning is “an organised system for finding a window into the mind. It is based on the concept that communication can only take place at the right time and under the right circumstances.”

    The relevance of your brand in the mind of the potential customers and also distinctiveness of your brand amongst the competitive landscape in your industry – are what makes a brand positioning strategy effective and therefore maximises your brands value.

    Establishing the connection between your unique solution and being the best supplier for your target market – is what we do. Your brand becomes the solution to their problem. 

    A large percentage of companies do not place enough emphasis on positioning their brand in the right niche and locations, be that physical or digital. We help to connect the dots in order to sell more – more often.

    Good branding can literally change – how good something seems

    Technology is a large part of how we help to position your brand effectively. Digital platforms and software has bridged the gap between the consumer and the vendor in almost everything apart from being able to physically reach out and touch them. 

    Research, planning and a good strategy are the start, followed by a great process and structure for getting your brand’s unique identity established in the minds of your target market.

    We are able to deliver amazing results through the way that we systematically implement the strategy to deliver the positioning of your brand as the most attractive solution for your target markets problem.

    The ‘how to” is our specialty. We make business growth simplified for you!


    Matthew Benn, The Managing Partner

    Stand out with your Online Reputation

    Your position in the market needs to be well presented and identifiable.

    Branding gives you the identifiable mark and meaning, but does not give you the position that you require to attract your potential customers.

    Online Reputation is something a lot of businesses forget about… but is VERY important.

    95% of people search on Google as a first port of call for researching their intended purchase.

    Differentiating your solution can be tough, and if your online presence is not well managed this can hurt your chances of using the most powerful marketing platforms effectively.


    Start getting the results you want… 

    Branding & Positioning

    We provide:

    • Analysis of the market, competition and your Business
    • Research the options for your unique identity
    • Planning the right messaging of your Unique Selling Points
    • Design the look and feel to compliment the message of the brand for the tastes of the target market
    • Marketing Strategy for getting the message out to your potential customers
    • Chose promotional channels wisely
    • Content alignment with all your channels
    • Content syndication for making sure the coverage is maximised in the right locations for your target market.
    • Implementation of the marketing strategy with the right channels for promotion and brand awareness.

    Return on investment

    Price shouldn’t be a consideration… when the results are so outrageously good.

    However we understand that everyone has a limited budget – whatever that budget might be.

    We’ve developed great systems – which simply work effectively!


    From alright => to amazing amounts of customers lining up!

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    Q & A


    Are you sure can help me?

    We are never 100% sure of the results we will achieve with your business.

    We have achieved amazing results with other companies:

    1. 10 x the amount of calls per week… resulting in an extra $3000 p/week income from a $1,650 promotional Ad spend (Services to write the material were additional).

    2. 50 additional calls p/week… resulting in an extra $5,000 per week income from a $1,500 Ad spend (Services to write the campaign were additional).

    3. Closed more capital machinery sales p/month (from 1 -> 3 ) because potential customers where familiar with the company and the products before the sales people saw them the first time.

    Meaning the customers accepted the company as a reputable vendor in the industry and therefore where accepted straight into the Engagement stage of the buying cycle if they were ready to purchase… resulting in revenue Doubling in 12 months. An extra $40,000 per month income from a $80,00 total Ad. spend.

    4.  Boosted sales pipeline from $5M to a $100M, 5 year + pipeline for the future… with a very modest budget.

    Sticking to the methodology we use and teach… you will see great results.


    Is there a money back guarantee?

    Simple answer = No.

    We can promise you that we will put in a 100% effort to maximise value from your marketing or growth budget. It is also up to you to engage with us so that we can develop the best competitive advantages for achieving the best results possible.


    How do we improve a brand's position?

    Simple answer:

    We make sure we analyse the market, competition and your business properly – there are no shortcuts. 

    Shortcuts kill any potential for success of any competitive advantage or brand positioning efforts.

    Normally businesses have a position in the market. Focussing efforts on a competitive advantage and also positioning with a great online presence and reputation are fundamental to the upward positioning journey. The journey must be one of increasing the value perception in the minds of your target market. 

    Before we start – we make sure we fully understand:

    • what your business brings to the market (unique differentiator)
    • who are, how and where the potential customers reach out to learn and engage with the type of product or service that you provide.
    • why people would pick your brand out of the crowd… how the customer already perceives you
    • when is the best time to launch the brand positioning promotional strategy

    How much time does it take to get results?

    We have seen results within a week of launch, but there is the research, analysis and planning pieces that need to be completed before any tests are launched – which can take some time.

    However there is a lot of complexity in competitive landscaping and then positioning your brand effectively with the competitive advantages that we’ve found. We recommend an initial 6 month period of engagement – which is used for continuous testing and measuring the results of the project that we are engaged to complete, by our customers.

    The time taken to see results with any new development varies for different businesses, markets and products. It is also heavily dependant on what a business throws behind our efforts to help them from a time and money perspective…


    We deliver insights and results… You deliver the profit.

    Your Success Is Our Mission

    We take our mission very seriously. Our methodology has already helped many businesses and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost time and subsequent ineffective projects, sales and businesses. 

    Imagine what it would be like if you had a really edge in the market, which made it easy to sell. What if you could also have effective marketing – setting up a nice steady pipeline of warm and hot leads to work with…

    The future is yours – seize it!

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