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The Defence market is complex… however, it doesn’t need to overwhelm you.

We help you lay solid foundations to effectively Attract & Convert new and existing


Strategy | Asset Creation | Implementation

The Defence Sales and Procurement systems are confusing; however, from our collective experience working on the inside (in uniform) and the outside (with multiple industry Primes) with $multi-million Defence contracts… we’ve got you covered.

Now we help the Defence focussed SME community navigate the complexities of Defence Sales in Australia.

Because we understand these things, we’ve gathered a number of really helpful tools and created some training courses to help you gain a better understanding of how to gain traction in Defence Sales.

We have also created a baselining tool to help you understand if you should pursue Defence as a market in the first place and what you need to look into if you want to sell into the Defence Industry.

Can you Crack the Defence Sales Code?

…and start investigating if Defence is really a market for you!

We often hear potential clients say things like…

We don’t know where or how to start selling into Defence

We’ve got a great product or service, but we can’t seem to cut through and get noticed 

We’ll be fine writing the tender by ourselves, so we don’t need help with it… Oh well, we lost it… again!

Where are all the customers and opportunities I keep hearing about in Defence…?

Where do you turn… when you don’t know which direction to go or what to do now?

Defence Supply Chain Opportunities 

The Australian Government has recently increased the budget for Defence spending to over $500 billion for the next decade of acquisition and sustainment activities.

This has opened the door for more suppliers to participate and claim their stake in the large and lucrative Defence Supply Chain contracts. 

There is a lot of work that goes into becoming a Defence Supplier… but it is well worth the effort when you do become one.

Getting started takes time, considered effort and can be very frustrating and confusing… leading most companies to hire an external specialist to help them navigate getting into the Defence Supply Chain.

We are Defence Sales Experts

Our team (including partners) have worked in management and leadership with a number of businesses specifically targeting the Defence Industry; with $Billions worth of contracts signed globally.

As well as consulting and services we have also developed a number of assets to help our clients along their journey including some training workshops (some FREE) to help demystify the Defence Sales landscape.

Defence Consultant Services:

  • Defence Marketing and Sales Consulting & Services
  • Proprietary Market Intelligence tool
  • Proprietary Assisted marketing tool
  • Proprietary ISO accreditation referral partner
  • Proprietary DISP accreditation referrals
  • Marketing & Sales Automation Implementation
  • Defence Grants, Tenders and Contract writing

Now a force to be reckoned with we have also started another company called Alongside Defence Consulting, specifically targeting ‘Tenders and Contracts’.

Tender Responses and Contracts for companies wishing to make Defence Sales, keep their IP and make money for the long-term.

Alongside Defence Consulting is a partnership of experience and knowledge to bring the SME community in Australia a trusted advisory with the right experience at a reasonable rate.

Along the way we ensure that you’re fully informed about what’s going on, what’s happening next, and what you’re likely to experience along the way. That way both parties can ensure that any issues are managed in a way that minimises disruption to your business, and we can all keep our focus on the things that matter to you.

We help businesses who want to know how to start on the right foot.

You may notice that we talk about the Defence Industry more than just ‘Defence’, because most of the work Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) will win – is from Industry Primes – not directly with Defence. In fact there are many layers or tiers in the Defence Supply Chain (DSC)! 

SMEs contribute a massive amount to the DSC and also the entire Australian economy. SMEs make up 98% of all Australian businesses, produce one-third of the total GDP and employ 4.7 million people. SMEs can still be fairly large companies, as this classification is up to 200 staff and $50 million in revenue… however there have been some changes in the past year and it is best to qualify this with your accountant and ASIC to maximise your grant funding opportunities and tax breaks!

Many businesses try for years and fail at selling into Defence; and if they do manage it… have contractual delivery problems including loosing their IP.

Developing your proposition correctly will effectively help you to win in Defence and also make money as you go… success in Defence!

 Hear what one of our clients has to say about

their experience with our approach

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Here are a few quotes from people, after spending some time with us…

Cracking Defence Sales Webinar Review

“After the first consultation, I could land a commercial jet between what I learnt from team A.B.C. and everyone else who gave me advice and a quote.

Matthew has already identified some major gaps in our thinking and helped us focus on the right way forward – to lay the foundation we need to achieve results.
If you want a “no nonsense approach & the truth” about what you’re doing wrong and how to get going in the right direction… the team at A.B.C. will sort you out from concept to getting results!

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