Business Development

Building a business is hard work.

However it can be quite easy, especially in mature businesses with an existing customer base.

Once a competitive analysis has been conducted (market research, business sales data analysis and benchmarking the competition), there will be things that stick out as potential gaps in the market that can be target for growth.

Developing a strategic business plan is the start, which will provide a focus for delivering a competitive advantage or two, and the result = more sales.

Branding and positioning is one of the steps along the way to developing a business. As we develop the brand marketing message we also set up ROI driven sales and marketing structures, provide effective marketing services, in order to improve the position of a business in their market.

Implementing an inbound marketing strategy, sets the stage for sustainable growth as a part of an effective sales framework and marketing mix. Today’s modern buyers are directing the way we sell; therefore we work with their buying mindset to get the best results possible.

We help businesses become more successful, by showing them “where and how” to start growing.

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What is Business Development?

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organisation – from customers, markets, relationships and setting up more efficient ways of operating from a sales and marketing perspective. It can be taken to mean any activity by either a small or large organisation, non-profit or for-profit enterprise which serves the purpose of ‘developing’ the business in some way.

Our specialty in business development services is to set up ROI driven sales systems and structures, provide effective marketing strategies and then physically help to make more sales. We call this the reproductive sales cycle, because the design is such that each step along the way feeds the next, and doesn’t just end with the customer when they purchase of the product or service is delivered. 

We can come in at any time and handover at such a time that you are ready to take the leadership of the functions that we have helped to improve for you.

Analysing the market, business and competition allows us to be equipped with the right information to position your brand, target the right customers, generate the right leads and optimise lead conversions… business growth simplified!

The start of the journey to Improving businesses is two fold.

1. There is a fundamental need to document the strategic business plan, including the sales framework and marketing mix plan and strategy. 

2. Then implement the strategies and test and measure their impact before replanning and executing the revised strategies again.

Strategic Business Planning

When we are developing a strategic business plan alongside our customers management team, we look at these things as a start.


Long-Term Value

First, what do I mean by “long-term value?”  In its simplest form, “value” is cash, money, the lifeblood of any business (but it can also be access, prestige, or anything else a company seeks).  There are plenty of ways to make a quick buck for you or your company… business development is not one of them!

This is something that a lot of managers are mis-aligned with, when hiring “Business Development Managers”… see our blog “Business Development – Why?”.

BD is not about get-rich-quick schemes, or “I win – you lose” tactics that create value that’s gone tomorrow as easily as it came today.  It’s about creating opportunities that add value over the long-term, to keep the floodgates open so that value can flow indefinitely.  Thinking about business development as a means to creating long-term value is the only true way to succeed in consistently growing an organisation.


The “customers” portion of the definition may be slightly more obvious – customers pay the bills.  However, not everyone is a natural customer for your business. Maybe your product doesn’t have the features I’m looking for.  Maybe your product is perfect, but I don’t even know your company sells it.  Or maybe you’re not reaching me because you’re not knocking on my door. These are issues which competitive analysis studies and coaching help a company’s management team understand when embarking on a growth plan. Good branding and positioning efforts are the type of marketing that place a company in the perfect spot where they are only attracting the right type of people. Obviously there is a lot of water that needs to go under the bridge to get to that stage, but it also starts in the same place… research and development of the business in the market and ahead of the competition. Finding a niche and honing in on your perfect customers needs, wants and buying journey are the things that a business development professional will start. Many businesses do not know what their niche, unique selling points/value proposition and target market are! These are critical to develop a strong business and be able to scale and grow it.  


Market’s are where customers “live”, that you can categorise specifically.  One way to understand markets is by geography – if I only focus on selling in Melbourne or Australia, but you reside in London, then you are currently unavailable to me as a customer as I do not currently reach the European market.  However customers also “live” in markets that are defined by their demographics, lifestyles, and buying mindset.  Identifying opportunities to reach new customers by entering into new markets is one important gateway to unlocking long-term value. Markets also change and can change very rapidly, as well as being pushed by world events and technology break throughs etc. Companies that are always making themselves aware of what’s happening in the “market” will usually do a lot better in diversification of their business as well as innovation, therefore most likely capitalising on the trends and opportunities at hand. This also leads many of them to become market leaders of some form. 

Take for example the Pet Owners market.  The customers who live there, of course, are people who own cats, dogs, fish, etc.  Petbarn is a company that clearly sells to customers who live in the Pet Owners market (me).  Some of my friends, on the other hand, do not have a pet.  They don’t live in the Pet Owner market. So what if Petbarn wanted to sell something to them? Then they’d need to find a way to enter into a market where they live.  For example, I have pale skin, am prone to skin cancer and spontaneously combusting when exposed to the sun.  Therefore, one market that I “live” in is the Sunscreen Buyers market.  If Petbarn wanted to sell something to me, perhaps they could find a way to enter into that market by offering sunscreen, hats, or sun-reflecting aluminium foil suits.  Determining the suitability of that idea is a job for the business development team. This is just a silly example and I would not recommend any company diversifying like this unless they target customers who are already buying pet products from them – then that is a possibility!

Business Relationships

And then there is “relationships.”  Just as the planets and stars rely on gravity to keep them in orbit, any successful business development effort relies on an underlying foundation of strong relationships.  Building, managing, and leveraging relationships that are based on trust, respect, and a mutual appreciation of each other’s value is fundamental to enabling the flow of value for the long-term.  

Relationships with partners, customers, employees, the press, etc. are all critical to the success of any business development effort. As such professionals in the business development discipline need to be good relationship makers, be bold, know their stuff, ask loads of the right questions and be available for the long term.

So, is business development actually sales?  Is it partnerships?  Is it all about hustling?   Yep!

It’s all of the above and as we’ll see in future posts, it’s much more.  It’s a complicated and fascinating discipline that deserves a clear understanding, so that we can marvel at the beauty of a well-done deal as much as the stars.

Our consultants have all had successful careers building businesses as owners and also in senior management. Pushing the boundaries has helped us to become really good at what we do, no matter what the industry or country. Business development is a multi-facetted discipline which requires training of all types and loads of different experiences to do well in.

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Business Development Services

Business Development is a long road of aligning and promoting a businesses intent to solve a problem. We work on implementing long term sustainable growth by developing the frameworks for each discipline within a business… aligning them all with the one vision and focus.

Growth can be fast, but if you don’t follow a process and have a great strategy… there is likely not to be good long term results.

That is why we strive to setup diversified channels to market and also a diversified range of products and services; with a single focal point. This might sound confusing, but it is a strategy employed by the most successful companies in the world.

The services we provide are designed get the message our, and close more sales as a result of proper nurturing of your potential customers.

Analysis & Planning

We analyse your business with a “health check”, market and competition with a competitive advantage analysis.

Then we plan in order to setup the measurements to achieve the growth goals.

Structure & Strategy

Build focussed structures and processes into your business giving it the ability to scale.

We look into the major elements of the business and “build the house” for growth.

We collaborate for a successful strategy that works with the focussed structure, systems and processes.


Execute the Process

Attraction and retention are where we aim. This starts with a great process… engaging the customers at every stage with the value you bring to them.

Process is the essential differentiator for sustainable growth and scalability of businesses. We develop and implement processes that will set your business apart from the competition.

Business Strategy, Sales &


Sales and marketing are an integral part of a business and any strategic business plans.

As a part of any business plan, developing a strategy to position the company with a unique value proposition in the market – is a must.

Therefore as we look into your market and business to help you find a competitive advantage, we also look for the ways that you can improve the plans, structures, processes and systems.

Whether your business is small or large, standing out from the crowd is a must and helps with everything from branding, positioning, sales and marketing efforts. Every little bit counts toward achieving the larger goals and if focussed and connected effectively will beat the competition hands down.

A great sales strategy covers all the bases that are needed for a robust process, channel network and position in the market. Through the go-to-market strategy you will be able to reach your intended market and therefore promote the business in the most authoritative light. We help to setup on the right foot, in the best way, so that you can sell more – more often.

At the outset we will start to document a sales framework for establishing the first steps we think you should take, to improve and start on your growth journey with a great foundation.

Growth is a process, just like sales, operations and finance.

Our consulting services are designed to plan, strategise and setup structure and processes – in order to establish a great basis from which to implement a fast and sustainable growth outcome.

We also encourage training for the owner and staff involved (leaders, management and operational staff) to equip them with the necessary skills to carry on the growth process and thrive – not just survive!

Make thousands of dollars more, each week.

Create effective sales plans, strategies, processes and systems.

Know where and when your next leads and sales will convert. 


Start Today – See Results

  See your results Growing

  Realise the potential of your brand

  Create A Hype in the market


Dominate your competition…

because you have a distinct

competitive advantage.

SEO Services

Nobody likes websites that don’t get noticed.

We creatively help you to get noticed and help you be the authority in your industry.

Advertising Campaigns

Get in front of your audience – the right way, with our optimised ad campaigns.

You should be charged an arm and a leg for what we do… but we only charge what it should cost.

Social Content Marketing

All social media platforms engage their users with content. Most content is viable and their are many mediums through which people communicate their content on all platforms. We use voice, video, text and pictures to help boost your authority on all applicable platforms for your target market.

Marketing is an essential part of any sustainable and growing business.

Before implementing any marketing services, we work planning and strategy first, in order to implement a diversified and complete marketing mix.

One of the most important strategies to a long term sustainable competitive advantage – is to establish a company’s authority on the internet with a substantial web-presence. The web is such a huge part of everyone’s lives these days, it is imperative for most businesses to have a good online reputation as well.

A lot of people ask us these days, “what type of digital marketing should we employ”. Digital Advertising is not the answer to every situation – it is only one of the tools in the marketing toolbox. Because of the noise in today’s online market, advertising on the web is not necessarily the best value for money… however it is an extremely powerful way of advertising in many industries.

Growth can be fast, but if you don’t follow a process and have a great strategy… there is likely not to be any good long term results.

That is why we test and measure, which is the key to success in marketing. For digital marketing, we run test campaigns prior to launching our main effort on your behalf. 

The services we provide are designed get the message about your unique solution to your target market. Differentiating you from your competition is key.

Your Business Will Sell More

Soon after you start to work with us, your business will start to generate more visitors and more sales. We are serious about taking your business to the next level.


What is a Business Development Manager?

Part of the sales profession and also consulting services industry – under the management consulting banner. A Business Developer could have a few different titles depending on seniority in the firm or company.

BDM’s are in the practice of helping organisations improve their business through sales and marketing research, planning, strategy, structures and processes in order to boost performance. It is also a long term project to change the future prospects of the business for the better… improvement!  

Since there is such a broad and complex landscape in business consulting, it is necessary to have many specialities. 

The focus on sales and marketing has been developed by use of the title in the sales world for those that are hired to develop new business generally.

Finding a businesses competitive advantage, is one thing that I have found sets us apart as businesses developers. Through a competitive analysis of the market and a business – a competitive advantage can normally be found. Branding and positioning is a big part of getting the messaging right after the competitive analysis has been completed; focussing on the competitive advantage and strengthening from their.

Attracting the right type of customers is the aim, which is hard when the research, planning, strategy structure and processes are not all complete.

Business development services and business consulting are tools to use (like I.T.) to accelerate achieving the things you desire… and in a much more organised fashion.


How are we different?

We work in partnership with our customers to:

We train and equip your staff in great sales practices, help them to identify and plan great processes, while setting up systems and automations in the sales and marketing functions. 

Our business experience has led us through selling products and services just like the ones we are helping you to sell in your business. Owning businesses and leading businesses from a senior management perspective has greatly helped in this regard, teaching us how to think and plan.

We have built large sales pipelines selling $millions worth of products and services in many industries and verticals. 

As business development managers we have quadrupled some companies revenue streams. From a consulting point of view we specialise in the analysis and identification in order to then implement good plans, strategies, structures, processes and marketing services. This all goes toward achieving sustainable business growth and improvement.

We have worked with start-ups and small business, as well as some of the largest corporations in the world. It doesn’t matter the history, background or where you are in the world… global or just in our suburb.

Using automation and systemisation properly are a key part of the reason we are successful.

Q & A


Is it expensive to promote my business properly?

Every business is different.

We work on the basis that everyone has a budget and we work to that.

We have been fascinated to see how little it has cost some businesses to gain an extra $10k, $20k or even $100k a month from a very modest budget. Having a budget for growth is a must… because growth is not something that happens overnight!

The key is also to have a really good sales process to convert all the leads – from the marketing efforts…


Is digital marketing for me?

Digital marketing is not the answer to every situation – it is only one of the tools in the marketing toolbox.

However in making this statement, we always recommend looking into the extremely powerful resources that digital marketing offers.

All businesses could leverage something in the wide array of digital channels to connect with their current and prospective customers.


Are you sure you can help me?

We are never 100% sure of the results we will be able to achieve with you and your business.

However we are 100% sure we will be able to find a roadblock and solution or some ways to gain more productivity or efficiency in your business.

We will always tell you what opportunities we see in your business (as an outsider) and also identify a potential problem or two – in order for you to gain some value from our interactions.


How much time does it take to get results?

We always recommend a pilot project of 6 months. Planning, strategy, building structures and process all take time – and you still need to run your business at the same time.

The time to see results with any plan, strategy or marketing campaign varies from project to project.

Dependant on everything involved in the situation at hand – we have seen great results within a week of the start of a marketing campaign project… but this is not the norm. It normally take a month to establish the correct base from which to launch an effective campaign. Testing always comes first, then we can ramp up once the correct focus for great results is established!

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