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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What is a competitive advantage & How will it help you?

Chapter 2. Competitive Advantage #1 = How to start building a solid online reputation

Chapter 3. Competitive Advantage #2 = How to reel in your competition with a notable difference

Chapter 4. Competitive Advantage #3 = How to Automate your Lead Generation with a System

Chapter 5. How to put it all together with minimal effort on your part

Competitive Analysis

The right place to start with any type of planning to achieve something is to have a good understanding of the current state and where you want to be – by a particular time.

We help businesses become more successful; by helping them stand out from the crowd. 

A Competitive Analysis is the start of finding out “where and how” to position your brand in order to sell more – more often.

To do this we follow the most effective methods which are tested and proven over the past 50 years (by many of the leading businesses and consultancies world-wide).

Market research, competitor analysis and also analysing your business data… to determine where the gaps are in your business, the market and your competition. 

We help you to understand how to get that edge over your competition. The analysis of these bits and pieces allow us to understand the foundations that are and still need to be laid to help you achieve results.

Some of these are:

1. what your unique selling points are, in your market (which will be the start of building a competitive advantage framework and marketing mix strategy)

2. what your competitors are doing/ saying

3. the best ways to promote your business’s uniqueness, to enable you to cut your competitors lunch… which is the aforementioned Marketing Mix

The difficult thing is to put it all together – to achieve better sales results – for less marketing spend…

…that’s the bit that we specialise in!

There are a few simple things that most companies neglect to attention in their marketing strategy. These make for viable competitive advantages to develop right now!

Online Presence

A good online presence is a smart way to get ahead! The number of companies who neglect this, as a competitive advantage strategy is ridiculous!

We’ve written a number of articles, because it is so important to focus on – “getting noticed online”. 

The notable articles are:

1. The definitive 1st step to online marketing

2. cracking the google code

3. A good online reputation is critical

The funny thing (weird – not Ha Ha) is that it is super easy in most industries to dominate the competition these days… because hardly anyone is paying attention to their online presence and reputation

There are companies paying attention and they are winning big time!

To be able to compete with those companies who have been optimising their websites for years to make sure they are ahead of the competition – is very expensive now… as they have a very BIG head start! 

Positioning your Brand in the right places in order to get noticed by more of your potential customers is essential. Online, and in particular google, is the place to focus as it is such a major part of most industries. As mentioned above, now is the time!

Updating and securing your spot on the web with a better online presence is one of the foundations to good marketing and better sales.

This will give your company an online competitive advantage as well!


Competitive Advantage

We tend to follow the Michael Porter “Sustainable Competitive Advantage” model. The main principle is that there are a few core strategies that all the rest follow generally.

Three main competitiveness strategies:

The Cost leadership strategy:

Companies who follow this strategy provide reasonable value at a lower price. They do this by continuously improving operational efficiency and take advantage of their bulk buying power. Some also take advantage of unskilled labor surpluses. As these businesses grow, they can benefit from economies of scale . Kmart and Bunnings are good examples of cost leadership. Higher minimum wage laws threaten their advantage.

The Differentiation strategy: 

Companies deliver better benefits than anyone else by harnessing this strategy. A firm can achieve differentiation by providing a unique or high-quality product. Another method is to deliver it faster. A third is to market in a way that reaches customers in a more personal and meaningful way. Ie brand positioning

A company with a differentiation strategy can charge a premium price. That means it usually has a higher profit margin.

Companies typically achieve differentiation with innovation, quality, or customer service.

  • Innovation means they meet the same needs in a new way. An excellent example of this is Apple. The iPod was innovative because it allowed users to play whatever music they wanted, in any order.
  • Quality is when a firm provides the best product or service. Tiffany’s can charge more because patrons see it as far superior to other jewellery stores.
  • Customer service means going out of the way to delight shoppers. Nordstrom’s was the first to allow returns with no questions asked.

The Focus strategy: 

Company’s leaders understand and service their target market better than anyone else. They either use cost leadership or differentiation to do that.

The key to a successful focus strategy is to choose a very specific target market. Often it’s a tiny niche that larger companies don’t serve.

For example, community banks use a focus strategy to gain sustainable competitive advantage. They target local small businesses or high net worth individuals. Their target audience enjoys the personal touch that big banks may not be able to give.

Customers are willing to pay a little more in fees for this service. These banks are using a differentiation form of the focus strategy.


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Online Reputation

…stand out with yours


Your position in the market needs to be well presented and identifiable.

Branding gives you the identifiable mark and meaning, but does not give you the position that you require to attract your potential customers.

Online Reputation is something a lot of businesses forget about… but is VERY important.

95% of people search on Google as a first port of call for researching their intended purchase.

Differentiating your solution can be tough, and if your online presence is not well managed this can hurt your chances of using the most powerful marketing platforms effectively.


Start getting the results you want… 

Brand Positioning

We provide:

  • Analysis of the market and your Business
  • Research the options for your unique identity
  • Planning the right messaging of your Unique Selling Points
  • Marketing Strategy for getting the message out to your potential customers
  • Channels for promotion
  • Content alignment with all your channels
  • Content syndication for making sure the coverage is maximised in the right locations for your target market.

Return on investment

Price shouldn’t be a consideration… when the results are so outrageously good.

However we understand that everyone has a limited budget – whatever that budget might be.

We’ve developed great systems – which simply work effectively!


From alright => to

amazing amounts of

customers lining up!

Are you ready to start seeing amazing results?

Q & A


Are you sure can help me?

We are never 100% sure of the results we will achieve with your business.

We have achieved amazing results with other companies:

1. 10 x the amount of calls per week… resulting in an extra $3000 p/week income from a $1,650 promotion Ad spend (Services to write the material were additional).

2. 50 additional calls p/week… resulting in an extra $5,000 per week income from a $1,500 Ad spend (Services to write the campaign were additional).

3. Closed more capital machinery sales p/month (from 1 -> 3 ) because potential customers where familiar with the company and the products before the sales people saw them the first time. Meaning the customers accepted the company as a reputable vendor in the industry and therefore where accepted straight into the Engagement stage of the buying cycle if they were ready to purchase… resulting in revenue Doubling in 12 months. An extra $40,000 per month income from a $80,00 total Ad. spend.

4.  Boosted sales pipeline from a one year into the future $5M pipeline to a $100M + 5 year into the future pipeline… with a very modest budget.

Sticking to the methodology we use and teach… you will see great results.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Simple answer = No.

We can promise you that we will put in a 100% effort to maximise value from your marketing or growth budget. It is also up to you to engage with us so that we can develop the best competitive advantages for achieving the best results possible.


How do we improve a brand's position?

Simple answer:

We make sure we analyse the market and your business properly – there are no shortcuts.  Shortcuts kill any potential for success of any competitive advantage or brand positioning efforts.

Normally businesses have a position in the market. Online reputation management is a part of the upward positioning journey. The journey must be one of increasing the value perception in the minds of your target market. 

Before we start – we make sure we fully understand:

  • what your business brings to the market (unique differentiator)
  • who are, how and where the potential customers reach out to learn and engage with the type of product or service that you provide.
  • why people would pick your brand out of the crowd
  • when is the best time to launch the brand positioning promotional strategy

How much time does it take to get results?

We have seen results within a week of launch, but there is the research, analysis and planning pieces that need to be completed before any tests are launched – which can take some time.

However there is a lot of complexity in competitive landscaping and then positioning your brand effectively with the competitive advantages that we’ve found. We recommend an initial 6 month period of engagement – which is used for continuous testing and measuring the results of the project that we are engaged to complete, by our customers.

The time taken to see results with any new development varies for different businesses, markets and products. It is also heavily dependant on what a business throws behind our efforts to help them from a time and money perspective…


We deliver insights and results… You deliver the profit.

Your Success Is Our Mission

We take our mission very seriously. Our methodology has already helped many businesses and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost time and subsequent ineffective projects, sales and businesses. 

Imagine what it would be like if you had a really edge in the market, which made it easy to sell. What if you could also have effective marketing – setting up a nice steady pipeline of warm and hot leads to work with…

The future is yours – seize it!

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