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Defence Consultants, Australia

Confusion is the beginning of ineffectiveness and losing money.

If you are new to the Australian Defence industry, picking the right direction with intelligence (good data) and moving forward at a faster pace is optimal (makes most people less anxious).

Developing the right relationships is key to moving in the right direction more quickly in the Australian Defence market… a large mountain to climb.

The Australian Defence Contracts framework is massive (lots of reading) and very complex! Most people don’t get a good grasp ever, let alone on the first go around.

On top of that, mastering sales and marketing and being effective with the different channels will be very challenging – without experience in both the Australian Defence market and from a senior marketing and sales management perspective.

The Defence sector in Australia is complex, but with the guidance of Alongside Business Consulting, your company will be at least one step closer to gaining a ‘seat at the table’ in the Defence market; and potentially ongoing contracts with the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) itself.

Think of us, as the General Manager (marketing & sales) with that Defence sector experience you need, but can’t afford as a fulltime employee. Partnering with us ensures you have the experience you need.

We’ll walk alongside you and your staff to get the job done, and help you start gaining that much desired traction – in the Defence market.

Defence Contracts in Australia

Most SMEs work underneath the Defence Primes/ in the International Prime contractors’ supply chains. Our job is to simplify the complexities you face, illuminating the best way for you to navigate the Defence sector.

We help our clients market their speciality in the right way to the right people at the right time… and start by helping you build the initial step-by-step plan first, with good structure, systems and processes; ensuring success in the Australian Defence industry.

From our expertise, we’ve created a number of important frameworks and collected fit-for-purpose tools that will help you reach your goals with effectiveness and efficiency. We’ve also put a lot of these tools and frameworks to good use in our training programs, lowering the cost for new entrants and therefore lowering the barrier to entry. Would you like to join one of our initial Defence sales training sessions?

Defence Procurement in Australia

The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has multiple channels for procurement.

The major Defence acquisitions are all processed through Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG). All major project procurement activity is channelled through the ASDEFCON suite of contracting templates. As an Australian Defence contractor, you must understand and use these templates. Knowing them like the back of your hand is very important, or using external professional services (hire us = experts in this field 🙂 to make sure you ‘get it right’. Contractual obligations must be met and they start in the tendering process.

The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) primarily uses the “Austender” platform to inform industry of their intention to procure assets and services. These projects are the cornerstone of protecting our nation and are ultimately used by our Australian Defence Forces (ADF)

Although Austender is the main platform for Defence direct procurement in Australia, the DoD has multiple channels to procure a whole spectrum of products to support the function of the ADF.

Our Potential Clients Often Say -

  • We don’t know where or how to start selling into Defence
  • I can’t find the customers and opportunities I keep hearing about in Defence
  • We’ve got a great product or service, but we can’t seem to cut through and get noticed

Why don’t you try a different approach and lean on us to help change your odds for the better!

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Defence Consultants, Australia

Our team has had the privilege of working with and within senior management for numerous Primes and other well known companies throughout the global and Australian Defence supply chains with contracts worth $billions globally.

As consultants, we’ve successfully built a happy client base through meeting needs that can only be met with experience and creative minds. 

We’ve created bespoke solutions that look and feel like ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions because we provide the same solutions through our proprietary marketing and sales growth frameworks. 

One particularly noteworthy element of our business is the relatively new hybrid consulting and training programs we’ve launched this year. We combine the best of both worlds (consulting and training) in an online group training environment. Simplifying the path into being successful with Defence sales and significantly lowering the financial barrier to entry for expert advice and assistance. 

Answering the complex questions in a simple and actionable way is what we’re on about

Defence Procurement

Good News! The Australian Government has increased their budget for Defence spending to around $500 billion for the next decade. This includes acquisition, sustainment and upgrading activities around Australia and for Sovereign Capability uplift. 

The doors are open for Defence contractors in Australia to win significant contracts. 

The process of becoming a Defence supplier takes quite a toll, but if you are worthy and stick with it – it’s definitely worth the time and effort. 

It can be a frustrating and confusing process, but you need not worry… we’ve got you. 

At public Defence briefings senior members of Defence staff often say, “We know we’re hard to deal with, and we recommend you get some professional support as you develop your company into the Defence industry.  

Many companies choose to take this advice seriously, shedding years off their journey into Defence and minimise the loss of opportunities due to the speed with which they enter the market.

Why don’t you consider hiring some external experts?

Reach out today for an initial chat, to see how we approach entering the Defence market with confidence

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Happy Clients

"Had I been able to access 'one session' with Matthew when I started out, it would have shaved two frustrating years off my journey into the Supply-Chain. Well done Matthew, you're saving people a lot of valuable time."
- R Harvey
"Dealt with Matthew for over a year now and have found his support and advice to be invaluable. Strong network links with the right people, accurate advice and knowledge with a strong understanding of business and especially the Defence sector. Will continue to work with Matthew into the future. "
- J Buhagiar


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