Cracking The Defence Sales Code

It’s amazing and sometimes we still can’t believe it, but it’s true! 

The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has increased its budget for the next decade to almost $500 billion. 

These numerous opportunities are up for grabs within the Defence supply chain and stem from the Defence acquisition and sustainment procurement activities. 

We’re happy to say we’ve “Cracked the Defence Sales Code”, and now we’re sharing our knowledge and experience in a number of unique hybrid consulting and training programs. 

We provide a Clear and Supported path to winning Defence sales.

Our “Defence Readiness Training” will delineate each aspect of Defence sales, starting with the foundational information you need to establish your Go-to-Market Strategy, and roll it out successfully (with sales). 

Leading the charge, our managing partner, Matthew Benn has worked with numerous businesses from a marketing and sales leadership perspective within the Defence sector in Australia. 

His experience and insights are always known to bring instant clarity and have also been known to save clients years of work to gain the understanding they need to gain traction and significantly improve the bottom line… not to mention gain a ton of new opportunities. 

Features Of Our Training Program

Get the benefits of consulting for the price of training only

Craft a data driven strategy for your company to simplify task assignment and management... to get the job done (sales)

Develop the right marketing and sales assets, in the right way for your business

Network and learn alongside other businesses going through the same process

Discover how to find the right buyers in the Defence industry

Proprietary advice & tools

Learn how the Defence market works as a whole


Find out How & Where to start gaining Clarity & Traction with Sales!