How to claim your stake in the Australian Defence market

There are several different paths to breaking into the Australian Defence market. Our job at Alongside Business Consulting is to help you understand the complexity of the Defence market and help you put together a strategy that will help your company outperform the competition.

Before we dig deeper into the Defence Market, let’s frame the conversation a little bit further.

It is important to note that most companies don’t actually deal directly with “Defence”, the Government Department of Defence.

New entrants to the Australian Defence industry face many challenges, and

  1. Failure to understand where the opportunities are for their companies.
  2. Failure to know who are the right stakeholders.
  3. Failure to understand how to approach Defence customers.


Most newbies to the market don’t know where to start their journey into Defence.

To gain traction, you need to understand

  1. The landscape and the language
  2. The relationships that will help you get there
  3. and ultimately, who has the opportunities for you


You need to get your truth to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

We’re experts in marketing and sales, providing the right information in an easily digestible way to help you gain clarity and traction faster while looking to sell into Defence. As a part of our offering we provide some free training for those looking for some clarity on how to start the process (signup for our free intro to Defence Sales webinar).

There are some ways to speed up this journey, but they aren’t shortcuts. We help you navigate the confusion swiftly in a strategic way. Using the power of knowledge from experience we’ll help you expedite the time needed and help you become well connected with suitable information and effective resources.

Alongside Business Consulting are specialists in selling into the Defence industry.

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Firstly, you should know about the Different ways of selling into Defence

The Defence direct sales pipeline & the indirect industry model


Primes are large multinational companies that own the IP for the major assets like jets, ships, tanks, missile systems etc. They are responsible for the delivery of the entire project, but don’t necessarily provide everything themselves.

Primes usually have a massive supply chain, with countless businesses working under their management and instruction. Most companies on the outside don’t understand what they need to about the Defence Prime supply chains.


Who Are Major Service Providers (MSPs)?

Department of Defence setup the Major Service Provider agreement (4 x providers) a few short years ago… so it’s still a relatively new arrangement. The MSPs are responsible for managing a larger proportion of consulting and procurement projects (project management) on behalf of the Australian DoD and especially CASG.

The Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) predominantly uses the MSP arrangement, replacing the previous model of dealing with thousands of individual consulting companies; helping them manage the workload of Government procurement.

There is a lot of complexity in the Australian Defence Market, some of which we have explained here –  its a tricky business!

That’s where we step in, we understand your confusion regarding the Defence Industry in Australia; and will help you figure out the next steps and guide you on your journey of discover and help you overcome the challenges along the way – beside you.

When you attend a public Defence briefing with Defence staff, you’ll often hear them say how complex “the system” is, and that “they know how hard they are to deal with”. They advise companies looking into the Defence industry to, “seek professional advice and get some experienced help”, which is the best way to gain traction faster in the Australian Defence market.

australian defence training


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