This project will provide the ADF with a Medium Range, Ground-Based Air Defence Capability.

Department of Defence

This project will deliver the Enhanced F88 rifle.

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Enhanced F88 Austeyr

The Enhanced F88 project (LAND 125 Phase 3C) will deliver the Enhanced F88 Rifle, Grenade Launcher Attachment and a suite of surveillance and target acquisition ancillaries, including an enhanced day sight and thermal and image-intensifier sights, training and support systems.

The list of capabilities delivered under the project was increased in July 2018 to encompass ancillary sub-systems including: Suppressor, Standalone Grenade Launcher Stock and Non-lethal Reality Based Training Weapons.

Thales Australia is the Functional Systems Integrator manufacturing the Enhanced F88 Rifle and supplying the Steyr Mannlicher-produced Grenade Launcher Attachment. The rifles are built at the Thales Australia Small Arms manufacturing facility in Lithgow, New South Wales.

A contract for the production of 30,000 Enhanced F88 Rifles, 2,277 Grenade Launchers, repair parts and training aids was signed in July 2015. Deliveries of the rifles were complete in March 2021 and deliveries of the remaining ancillary sub-systems were completed in October 2021.

In July 2020, the Government announced that an order had been placed for an additional 8,500 rifles. These deliveries will continue through to August 2022.

Final Materiel Release is scheduled for September 2022, with Final Operational Capability expected to be achieved in December 2022.

Content is current as at November 2021.

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