This project will provide the ADF with a Medium Range, Ground-Based Air Defence Capability.

Department of Defence

LAND 1771 Tranche 1 will modernise land geospatial and survey capabilities and introduce the first Army Geospatial Support System to the land force.


Geospatial Support Systems for the Land Force

LAND 1771 Tranche 1 will deliver a modernised Geospatial Support System (GSS) for the joint land force, capable of collecting, managing, analysing and disseminating geospatial data and imagery. The GSS will further enable and improve rapid terrain understanding and situational awareness, navigation, and mission management systems on both domestic and overseas operations.

LAND 1771 Tranche 1 will deliver a common fleet of fixed and deployable computer systems, and a range of geospatial and survey collection systems in the land, air and littoral environments, employed by scaleable and agile teams of technicians working in both connected and disconnected/ disrupted communication environments.

LAND 1771 was delayed in its initial approval and delivery schedule in 2017 due to re-prioritisation of Defence capability funding.

Deliverable Original Planned Achieved / Forecast Notes
Project Year of Commencement
Initial Materiel Release (IMR) Oct 2020
Initial Operational Capability (IOC) Dec 2021
Final Materiel Release (FMR) Dec 2022
Final Operational Capability (FOC) Jun 2023

Project Details