This project will provide the ADF with a Medium Range, Ground-Based Air Defence Capability.

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The Lethality System Project (LAND 159) will equip the ADF with next-generation weapon systems, surveillance and target acquisitions ancillaries …

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Lethality System Tranche 1 Sniper System and Close Combat System

The Lethality System Project (LAND 159) will equip the ADF with next-generation weapon systems, surveillance and target acquisitions ancillaries, ammunitions, facilities and training and support systems. The Lethality System will ensure ADF ground combatants maintain a capability advantage over potential adversaries to beyond 2030, and will be delivered in three Tranches (Table 1) summarised as follows:

  • Tranche 1 includes the Sniper System and the Close Combat System (comprising fighting knife, pistols, shotgun and the assault breaching system) and is due for Government consideration early 2022;
  • Tranche 2 includes the Close Combatant Assault Rifle, Machine Guns, Direct Fire Support Weapons and Grenades and is due for Government consideration in FY2024/25; and,
  • Tranche 3 includes enhanced munitions and emergent weapon systems and is due for Government consideration in FY2026/27.

The Lethality System Program Office within Land Systems Division is the lead agency for the delivery of Land 159, supported by Land Explosive Ordnance Systems Program Office (LEOSPO) for munitions aspects. The Capability Manager Representative is Head Land Capability, with the Dismounted Combat Program having lead responsibility within Land Capability Division.

Tranche 1 Process

Tranche 1 is separated into two stages:

  • Stage 1 enables Defence to identify the most suitable weapons systems and prepare the business case for Government consideration
  • Stage 2 is the follow-on acquisition and support of Tranche 1 weapon systems, which will occur following Government consideration at Second Pass

Appointment of a Prime Contractor

As the result of an open solicitation process, Defence has appointed NIOA, a 100% Australian-owned weapons and munitions specialist, as the Prime Contractor for Stage 1 of Tranche 1. The role of the Prime Contractor in Stage 1 is to:

  • Approach the market on behalf of the Commonwealth to identify and evaluate Tranche 1 weapon systems and provide acquisition and support recommendations to Defence
  • Produce high confidence cost data to support Government consideration or Tranche 1

The contract will be conducted in an open, impartial and transparent manner. It includes performance based measures which are supported by a sound governance framework. The Commonwealth retains the ability to accept the recommendations of the Prime Contractor under Stage 1 or make alternative selections based on other considerations.

A link to the NIOA industry portal can be found in the Helpful Links section below.

The Lethality System project has adopted an acquisition strategy for Tranche 1 based on an enduring industry partnership backed by robust Governance and Capability Assurance arrangements to enable confidence in the delivery of ‘best of breed’ weapon systems to the Australian Defence Force.

LAND 159 Tranche 1 Stage 1 table

Table 1 – Indicative Tranche composition and timings

Timeline for LAND 159 Tranche 1 Stage 1

The indicative timeline for the activities being conducted by NIOA for and with the Commonwealth are below:

Expression of Interest Released by Prime Contractor Completed July 2020
RFT & RFQ Released by Prime Contractor Completed September 2020
Conduct of the Preview Test & Evaluation by Commonwealth supported by Prime Contractor April 2021 to September 2021
Prime Contractor Evaluation Report Late June 2021
Government Second Pass consideration Early to Mid 2022
Contact Details: Helpful Links:
Lethality System Program Office LAND 159 Land Systems Division Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group Victoria Barracks Melbourne (VBM-H) GPO BOX 393 Melbourne, Victoria 3001 Australia Email: land159.lethalitysystem@defence.gov.au Doing Business with Defence and noting particularly “Working with Industry” that provides advice on Defence Exports, Sovereign Industry Capability Priorities and Australian Industry Capability: https://www.defence.gov.au/SPI/Industry Issues and Concerns: Please email the Defence LAND 159 Project Office on: land159.lethalitysystem@defence.gov.au NIOA Industry Portal: https://www.nioaland159.com.au

Content is current as at August 2021.

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