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You’re here because you’re seriously hungry to grow your business.

Getting the right perspective to be able to forge the right path is often what we see to be the roadblock holding people back.  

We’ve been there… in the Daily Grind of Sales, “Not having a system to bring in new business and relying on sales people ‘to do’ Lead Generation manually”.

When your business has a system which you can switch on and off – built on a solid differentiator/ Unique Selling Point, you’ll need to work on the delivery side… because sales won’t be a problem!

Unfortunately most people want to go for the “cheaper option” which involves a LOT more time from you and your staff… content marketing. Don’t get me wrong = you need great content. However using Ads as the base for your automated Lead Generation system means that you don’t spend hours posting and manually nurturing potential, potential customers… you can spend that time actually talking with people who already “get” the value that you bring to them.  


You’d think we’d want to tell you that, “we’ve created an amazing system that no-one else is using”… so that you’ll only want to work with us.

What we’ve done is taken our learning over time and come up with a very easy to follow process and framework to help pretty much anyone absolutely crush their competition with a real differentiator = a competitive advantage!

We help owner managed companies create customer attraction & systemisation… so you can get away from the “Daily Grind” of sales manually having to generate leads.

Making Business Growth Simplified!

…allowing you to focus on delighting your customers with what you do best!

Here are a few quotes from people, after spending some time with us…

“After the first consultation, I could land a commercial jet between what I learnt from team A.B.C. and everyone else who gave me advice and a quote.

Matthew has already identified some major gaps in our thinking and helped us focus on the right way forward – to lay the foundation we need to achieve results.
If you want a “no nonsense approach & the truth” about what you’re doing wrong and how to get going in the right direction… the team at A.B.C. will sort you out from concept to getting results!

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Marketing Services

Think about this:

If a prospective customer approached you and asked, “Why should I choose you over your competitor(s)?”

Would you be able to give them a good answer, or would you struggle?

These are good questions to ask your customers and customer facing staff:

  • Why do customers pay for your product or service?
  • What makes your product/service unique and better than that of your competitors?

Would a simple change from a competitor make it easy for a customer to leave you for them?

Competitive Advantage – what is it?

In simple form, a competitive advantage is, “the difference that affords you a favourable position with more sales leads, more revenue from sales or better margins than your competitors – attributed to a specific reason”. 

Everyone wants to have a competitive advantage in business and that unique spot in the market… 

How do we start helping clients with this indifference?

We start from the beginning… research, analysis and then develop a commercially advantageous position for you in the market – from exploiting the gaps we’ve found!

How does a competitive advantage work?

When used correctly (marketed and sold to), it creates greater perceived value for the products/ services and brand. Hence generating more value in revenue and profit for its shareholders because of the certain strengths and conditions which are leveraged for increased sales at higher margins.

The more distinct, sophisticated and therefore sustainable the competitive advantage, the more difficult it is for competitors to copy and therefore overcome your advantage.

The two main types of competitive advantages are comparative advantage and differential advantage.

Branding and Promotional Strategy 

Businesses who communicate effectively and regularly with their target market and customers have a much higher percentage chance of winning and keeping them as customers.

Our aim is to create maximum value from every dollar spent with any promotional or marketing campaign. Effective marketing brings you to “front of mind” as the best solutions provider for your potential customers. Therefore creating the HUGE value that your end-users want from you!

The Digital Marketing suite of tools is one of the most important tool sets to understand and use effectively.

Knowing where and how to start is what sets us apart as consultants – strategy must come first.

Finding your competitive advantage and promoting it in the right ways is so important these days – you just cannot ignore starting on your journey today.


47% Increase in sales within 6 months of 1st Campaign


62% Increase IN repeat Sales

Increase profit and market share by

finding your COMPETITIVE Advantage.


Start Today – See Results this year!

  See your sales conversion rates Growing

  Realise the potential of your brand

  Create A Hype in the market


Dominate your competition…

because you have a distinct competitive

advantage over them.

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