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We help businesses reorient to get the best out of their marketing and sales efforts; and hard earned dollars.

How are we different?

For the past decade and a half we’ve been growing businesses for ourselves and also working for other businesses as part of the senior leadership team… in other words we’re not just consultants.

The main focus of our business, is working alongside our customers helping them gain traction from wherever they are to reaching their business growth goals through excellence in marketing and sales.

We appreciate that every business is different, hence we start with research and analysis to identify where you should be focused and also refine the focus to achieve specific and tangible goals.

The reason you are reading this is because you are unhappy with where you’re at and are looking for the best way forward.

We understand that there are always slight variations on how improvements work for every business.

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Is your business ‘just not performing’ as you want it to?


By this I mean are you sick of not selling as much as you want, when you want to and for how much profit you want to make (being reasonable about it)? 

You’re probably sick of hearing “excuses” from your sales people (if you have them) and also senior management (who are not necessarily marketing and sales professionals).

Poor performance is a disease… with many and varied symptoms.

We often hear things like…

1. It’s too noisy in the digital world and we just can’t compete with such a small budget

2. We just can’t find the right type of customers

3. We need to figure out where our potential customers are “hiding”

4. Our sales people just don’t know how to sell!

5. Our customers just aren’t faithful any more…

6. We had to cut the margin to get the deal! 

7. and a really terrible outcome, “I’ve found a different job which I think will suit me better”

While all these things can be stand alone and dead true – they can also just be symptoms of a bigger problem… which will be poisoning your business inside and out!

Building a Business is really tough these days – and there are tons of

“experts” out there.

Profitability is crucial and not having a Competitive Advantage is one of the main reasons many companies are NOT able to break through their growth barrier.

Marketing Strategy first! 

Making a single page marketing strategy document will allow you to have the basis for success oriented marketing.

Growth is a process, just like sales, operations and finance.

The course needs to be set out first (planning with specific goals) and then making sure there are steps to action(strategy). A focused marketing mix is what separates growing companies from those that only have lumpy and short term sales growth.

To achieve the best results in marketing and sales both existing customers and new business should be considered and a plan made to engage them. Most businesses forget about existing customers and focus on new business with over 90% of their marketing and sales time and budget. According to the research including a recent Adobe digital survey existing business brings in more revenue and also supports a business through tough times!  

Deviating slightly, from a “broad stroke” of marketing… digital marketing has produced such amazing results for such a long time, there has been a disconnect between standard marketing practice and digital marketing. In-fact most businesses forget about the strategy piece all together – when discussing online marketing, as they assume it will just work.

Unfortunately there are a lot businesses who have lost a lot of money on marketing, because they either didn’t think about the strategy or they assumed someone else was handling the strategy.

We believe there should be a few things analysed and planned out before “just implementing marketing services”.

At the outset, we research the market, do a competitive analysis and business analysis to establish how best to position the brand of the business we are working with. Having a competitive advantage, is imperative to the long term sustainable growth of a business. As we start to to plan the way forward, documenting a marketing mix framework for establishing the steps we think you should be taken to set the growth journey on a great trajectory.

Marketing Mix


What is a marketing mix?

7Ps & 4Ps of Marketing

It is all about putting the right product or a combination thereof in the place, at the right time, and at the right price. The difficult part is doing this well, as you need to know every aspect of your business plan and embed your brand messaging and value proposition throughout every aspect of the plan and part of your business.

Here are the principles used in the application of the right marketing mix:

Product, Place, Promotion, Price & People.

These Cross over to the Customers view of you value, the cost to them, convenience and how you communicate with them.

Strategy has the specific purpose of detailing HOW the business will present itself and connect with the existing and potential customers. 

The overall plan, is to attract potential customers to buying the products and or services of the company. The marketing strategy is a part of the overall strategic business plan, and how you plan to execute the marketing mix. 

marketing strategy informs the marketing plan, which is a document that lays out the types and timing of marketing activities… a marketing mix.

Our focus as consultants, is on developing businesses through planning, structuring, strategy and process – using our experience in sales and marketing to improve a business’s overall long term outlook.

Information technology has come such a long way in the past 40 years; therefore automation and systemisation are also keys to the success of the marketing strategy and plan.

That is why we bang on about the fundamentals of great marketing and implementing a great digital marketing strategy as part of the service. Things like email marketing and SEO are missed in most companies marketing strategies… and in todays world… why would you intentionally miss out on some of the marketing tools that reap such huge rewards. These are even tools that give todays businesses a HUGE competitive advantage because so few companies are using them effectively. 

Digital marketing is only one of the tools; however it is extremely powerful!


Does Online Reputation come into it?

Selling is heavily dependant on customer perception which is why we focus on brand positioning and brand management.

Online reputation management is a large part of brand management these days and is linked to customer service. We use automation to make sure all social media and news platforms are managed well so that the reputation of a business is overseen holistically.

90% of people conduct an online search for a product, service or specific company before they start to interact with the selected vendors. This is when your online reputation matters most – in that you will likely not hear from the perspective clients if your reputation is not as high as your competitors.

Software programs have made our lives a lot more easy these days with the great tools (some free). Tools are only there to help in the efforts… you should be using them too! Automation and systemisation are keys to implementing a good online reputation management system… a must for any 21st century business.


Is it expensive to promote my business?

Every business is different.

We work on the basis that everyone has a budget and we work to that.

We have been fascinated to see how little it has cost some businesses to gain an extra $10k, $20k or even $100k a month from a very modest budget. Having a budget for marketing is a must… because getting new customers does not happen overnight! It must be a structured and planned activity.

The key is also to have a really good sales process to convert all the leads – from the marketing efforts…

Business Growth is a Process

Methodically going through a well setup process of marketing, sets the selling up for success. Potential customers line up, when marketing is rolled out effectively.

We are serious about taking your business to the next level.

Analysis & Planning

We analyse your business and market, with a “health check”.

Then we plan in order to setup the measurements to achieve the growth goals.

Structure & Strategy

Building focussed structures and processes into a business gives it the ability to scale.

We look into the major elements of the business and “build the house” for growth.

Then we collaborate for a successful strategy that works with the focussed structure.


Execute the Sales Process

Attraction and retention are where we aim. This starts with a great process… engaging the customers at every stage with the value you bring to them.

Process is the essential differentiator for sustainable growth and scalability of businesses. We develop and implement processes that will set your business apart from the competition.

Marketing Services

What results can you expect from ours?

Growth can be fast, but if you don’t follow a process and have a great strategy… there is likely to be very bad results.

Digital marketing is not the answer to every situation – it is only one of the tools in the marketing toolbox.

When using digital resources we work on implementing long term sustainable authority from a google search perspective.

Our approach is to study your current consumers and establish their perceived value in your company. Then we market from that basis and normally achieve really great results. There is the odd occasion where we miss the mark… however just like you, we are also human. That is why we test and measure – which is the key to success in marketing. We will run test campaigns prior to launching our main effort on your behalf. 

The services we provide are designed to get the message about your unique solution to your target market. Sometimes that is not through digital marketing as some industries just don’t use digital as most people in the world do (you would be surprised how much these industries spend without using digital resources as a major part of their decision making!). 

Our managing partner has found many different industries have different ways to effectively connect with their target markets. Physically connecting with your customers base on a regular basis has never been more necessary than in today’s digital world!  

SEO Services

Nobody likes websites that don’t get noticed.

We creatively and scientifically help your business to get noticed and help you be the authority in your industry.

Advertising Campaigns

Get in front of your audience – the right way, with our optimised ad campaigns.

You should be charge an arm and a leg for what we do… but we only charge what it should cost.

Content Marketing

All social media platforms accept and mainly engage their users with content. Most content is viable and their are many mediums through which people communicate their content on all platforms. We use voice, video, text and pictures to help boost your authority from content on all applicable platforms for your target market.

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What results can I expect from your company?

We are never 100% sure of the results we will be able to achieve with you and your business.

However we are 100% sure we will be able to find the best way to connect with your target market and overcome roadblocks to you reaching them effectively. 

We look at your business and market and tell you what opportunities we see for your business (as an outsider). This will also help you to assess different avenues for growth as a result of our interactions.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Simple answer = No.

We can promise you that we will put in a 100% effort to maximise value from your marketing budget.

We are happy to work out a way that you feel comfortable trusting us to deliver projects which will improve your revenue.

Marketing is never assured of working out as planned – that’s why the number one rule of marketing is “test and measure”. Then you are not spending more money than you have to – before seeing great results.

In saying all of these things – we have a lot of runs on the board – building HUGE pipelines in many industries and verticals.


Is digital marketing for me?

Digital marketing is not the answer to every situation – it is only one of the tools in the marketing toolbox.

However in making this statement, we always recommend looking into the extremely powerful resources that digital marketing offers.

All businesses could leverage something in the wide array of digital channels to connect with their current and prospective customers.

Q & A


How are we different?

We didn’t start out as a digital marketing agency, however it is an integral part of our marketing strategy. Coming from a sales and marketing perspective, we specialise in the analysis and then implementation of plans, strategies, structures, processes and services to achieve business growth.

We differentiate ourselves with the process and structure that we apply to growing through the expert use of modern tools… like digital marketing (as a suite of tools).

In fact we use tools that so many people have forgotten about which still UBER powerful and have an extremely high ROI. Email marketing is one of these. It is the most mis-understood and under utilised marketing strategy – with an abundance of tools that integrate with just about every customer relationship management system. 

We have a lot of runs on the board – building HUGE pipelines in many industries and verticals; and also building businesses in our own rights as business owners.


How much time does it take to get results?

We always recommend a pilot project of 6 months. Planning, strategy, building structures and process all take time – and you still need to run your business at the same time.

The time to see results with any plan, strategy or marketing campaign varies from project to project.

Dependant on everything involved in the situation at hand – we have seen great results within a week of the start of a marketing campaign project… but this is not the norm. It normally take a month to establish the correct base from which to launch an effective campaign. Testing always comes first, then we can ramp up once the correct focus for great results is established!

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