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Strategic Marketing Planning

The presence of your company should speak for itself in the market. 

If you fail to ‘make your mark’ on the industry, the majority of the opportunities will pass you by – just like your competitors will… and most of the key stakeholders won’t find you either. 

Success in marketing demands a solid foundation and good management of the implementation process;  why you need an experienced guide. A guide who has the experience (runs on the board) and can help you put structures, systems and processes in place to help you continuously plan and also coach you through a successful implementation of the plan.

Partnering with us will help you understand what you aren’t doing (that you need to be) and what you should do step-by-step from now on; in order to be more successful with marketing, and as a result sales.

Our partnership will empower your business to draw the attention of your perfect customers; and yes we have a specialty in the Defence industry, but we are marketers first – before we got into Defence!

A strategy is only as good as the research and analysis from which it was written and must be aligned with everything in the business, vision down. That’s why we spend the time at the beginning of all engagements collecting the right information and making sure we cover all the angles upfront.

The first step is analysing where you stand and what you need to do to get to where you’re going. 

The key to winning every step of the way is to define the steps it will take to get to your goal/s so that you can test, measure and manage each stage of the journey.

The next step, managing the implementation process well – is just as important. We pride ourselves on seeing the job through and helping you achieve tangible time based goals. Living up to our name Alongside Business Consulting, we walk alongside you and your team to help you improve your business every step of the way.

Our success in the development of marketing strategies – that make a positive impact has been a result of many years of developing, testing, polishing and winning. 

The primary goal of any project we help our clients develop is to establish your brand as an authoritative for your speciality and most of what we do is in the Australian Defence industry

Training you and your staff is one of our pillars, because we actually want to do ourselves out of a job with you. Reliance on us is what we try to avoid like the plague, because in the end we want you to succeed without us!


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