This project will provide the ADF with a Medium Range, Ground-Based Air Defence Capability.

Department of Defence

This project is replacing land-based night vision equipment and laser aiming devices that attach to specified ADF weapons.

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Night Fighting Equipment

The Night Fighting Equipment project (LAND 53 Phase 1BR) is replacing helmet-mounted night-vision equipment and laser-aiming devices that attach to specified Australian Defence Force weapons for dismounted combatants.

Tranche 1 is the replacement of existing night-fighting products to enhance dismounted night-fighting capabilities with leading-edge technology, including improved ergonomic performance and reduced weight. Following an open request for tender process, acquisition and support contracts for Tranche 1 were signed on 29 September 2016 with Mission Systems Australia (a subsidiary of L3Harris Corporation). All Tranche 1 equipment was delivered to units between 2017 and 2020, as planned. All equipment is supported by a dedicated warehousing, repair and inventory management facility located in south-east Queensland.

To ensure that the Australian Defence Force maintains its technological advantage, Tranche 2 of the project is acquiring emerging night-fighting technologies that may augment, supplement or enhance the Tranche 1 equipment. In December 2020, the Government announced that Missions Systems Australia had been awarded the contract to deliver the capability, which is expected to be rolled out by 2023. Under this contract, more than 5,500 helmet-mounted fused night vision systems will be delivered to the ADF, combining image intensification with thermal imaging to improve visibility and target detection in low or no light situations.

Final Materiel Release is scheduled for March 2023, with Final Operational Capability in expected to be achieved in September 2023.

Content is current as at August 2021.

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