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Everybody can enjoy meetings when they are run effectively and have great results every time.  

Our meetings facilitator course comes with a meeting planner template, meeting agenda template and trains the attendees how to

run outrageously effective meetings as the title eludes to. Because of the easy to understand method in which we teach and

run our training – they are also enjoyable;  equipping the attendees to also be able to run outrageously effective and enjoyable


Why do we care about meetings?  

We spend so much time and money investing in meetings and yet most companies do not attention this very regular task and event with training and coaching. The results speak for themselves!

they say “practice makes perfect”, but “they” also say “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity”.

As management consultants we want to improve every part of any business we work with; especially the parts that distract from building revenue and increase waste and cost.

Every now and then we come across multiple problems that can be solved with one solution… because they have one root cause.

These statistics have some hard hitting truths, even if they are not 100% accurate for every industry, vertical and geographical location.

  • 37 percent of employee time is spent in meetings
  • managers attend more than 60 meetings per month
  • 47% consider too many meetings the biggest waste of time
  • 39% of meeting participants admitted to dozing off during a meeting
  • Over 70% brought other work to meetings
  • it is estimated that 25-50% of meeting time is wasted
  • The researchers found that the more meetings employees attended, the more exhausted they felt and the higher they perceived their workload to be.

A large percentage of meetings these days cause so much frustration and waste so much time – it is ridiculous… and as we all know “time is money”! 

The even more ridiculous thing is – that there is such a simple solution to this problem.

Meeting panning and a good strategy are the start, followed by a great process and structure for getting through the discussion… to achieve the result you want.

We are a little bit different, which is the reason why we are able to deliver amazing results through such mundane task…

we train people “how to” run outrageously effective meetings!

Matthew Benn, The Managing Partner

Start getting the results you want

and also start enjoying


Meeting Training

We provide full training on:

  • How to setup a meeting for maximum effectiveness
  • Planning the meeting agenda
  • Setting time allowances for all agenda items
  • Setting the tone for a meeting
  • keeping the meeting on track
  • Helping everyone to feel like they have a say
  • Getting the result you want from the meeting, every time!

private coaching for meeting facilitators & Managing meetings

We coach through private sessions, phone or

via a video conferencing session.

We are very flexible!


1 day Return on investment

Price shouldn’t be a consideration… when the results are so outrageously good.

This course generally pays for itself after a single day of being used in big business.

We’ve developed a course that even the most super price conscious CFO’s out there will offer to send more of their managers to this Outrageously effective meetings training course we run. 


From meeting dodgers => to Meeting Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to start

enjoying meetings and

seeing results each time

you meet?

“Outrageously Effective Meetings” training course                

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We deliver HUGE savings. 

You deliver the profit!

Q & A


Are you sure this course can help me?

If you want to save money… this course will help you save loads of money. There are also other benefits like gains in productivity and increased morale!

That’s why the ROI for this course can be a single day!

We are never 100% sure of the results individuals will achieve from taking part in our meetings course.

The results other companies have noted are:

  1. More results are achieved in the business because of the efficiency with which their staff are making decisions.

2. Less wasted time in multiple meetings, in order to resolve the same issues time and again.

3. Managers can be assigned more projects to run, because all project timelines are being reduced or adhered to.

Sticking to the methodology we teach and interacting with people as people instead of numbers will make great meetings happen… then you will see great results.



Is there a money back guarantee?

Simple answer = No.

We can promise you that we will put in a 100% effort to maximise value from your course. It is up to you to make use of the skills we teach you – to run outrageously effective meetings! 

In saying all of these things – there are 1000’s of happy customers who would never go back to the way they used to run meetings.

Each person must make a time commitment to studying and practicing the methods we teach before they will have fantastic meetings that are outrageously effective.


Is this meetings course compatible with all mediums of delivery?

Simple answer = Yes

  • In person meetings
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Go to meeting
  • Cisco webex
  • Zoom
  • Good for all types of meetings  ie. through any Digital medium or in any Physical situation.

How much time does it take to get results?

We always recommend meeting facilitators take it slowly, but expect a better result each time they practice the new methodology for running a meeting.

The time to see results with any new meeting facilitation plan and structure will be different for every person… with consideration to the time they spend practicing the methods we teach.

We can tell you that there has been a massive change in results within one day of attending meeting training with our methods for some facilitators… but it takes practice, and practice makes better (or perfect as-they-say).


Who is the "meetings course" for?

In short:

  • Good for all types of meetings ie. Digital & Physical 
  • All managers need this course
  • Supervisors will love the skills they will learn on this course 
  • Anyone who is part of facilitating a meeting and wants more confidence to do so
  • Anyone who facilitates a meeting once a week or more… will benefit greatly and start to enjoy their many weekly meetings.

We deliver savings, You deliver the profit.

Your Success Is Our Mission

We take our mission very seriously. Our methodology has already helped hundreds of businesses and saved $trillions of dollars in lost time and subsequent ineffective projects, sales and businesses. 

Imagine what it would be like if you could have efficient and effective meetings instead of the weekly and monthly time wasting and frustration building experiences that meetings normally are?

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