This project will provide the ADF with a Medium Range, Ground-Based Air Defence Capability.

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LAND 121 Phase 4 will acquire 1100 protected mobility vehicles – light (PMV-L) for command, liaison, utility and reconnaissance roles.

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Protected Mobility Vehicle – Light

LAND 121 Phase 4 will acquire 1100 Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicles – Light (PMV-L) and 1058 associated trailers for command, liaison, utility and reconnaissance roles. The PMV-L has been developed to provide an optimum balance of the requirements for survivability, mobility, payload, communications, useability and sustainability.

The Hawkei will deliver an entirely new capability for the Australian Army, providing a level of protection comparable to the Thales Bushmaster at around half the weight. The vehicle will provide a high level of protection for soldiers against blast and ballistic threats, with significantly improved mobility which will enable it to operate in high-risk areas. It is the only protected mobility vehicle capable of being transported by ADF helicopters (CH-47 Chinook). The Hawkei also pioneers a next-generation communications management system, the Integral Computing System, which unifies the vehicle’s suite of communications systems (including the Battle Management System and radios) through a common interface.

Deliverable Achieved / Forecast
Initial Operational Capability (IOC) Dec 2020
Final Operational Capability (FOC) Jun 2023

Content is current as at July 2019.

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