Sales Consulting Services

Advice & implementation assistance (our BIG difference)

Our job is to improve the performance of your business’s sales results.

Holistically working with every aspect of marketing and sales perspective in your business, we help you do the research, analyse the situation and plan out how to get the results you want to achieve.

We do this with consulting, training and services; walking alongside you and your team, supporting where there are capability and capacity gaps (where there is extra effort needed). 

The first step is to know why your business is not performing and experiencing growth (as you desire). The process of building a solid pipeline (of sales opportunities) is tough in the best of environments however, with a repeatable process developed through experienced analysis, research and the right amount of detail – it’s easier than you think. 

Focus is a key element that will help you and your team get there much more quickly.

Understanding your customer and their behaviour is the best place to start and particularly through the customer buying journey. 

When you have well developed structure, processes, assets and systems… your business will be able to sell much more successfully and also have a lot deeper insights in how to sell more effectively. 

You’ll be able to grow more quickly because you’ll have the ability to put more opportunities in the sales pipeline and consistently turn into great customers who will sing your praises!

There are clear reasons and behavioural patterns behind how sales are made. Hardly anything ever happens by chance. 

We’re here to help you develop a solid strategy, the structure, processes, assets and systems that will make your business more effective, efficient, grow revenue much faster and ultimately make your business more profitable.

Are you confused with what you need to do to improve results? 

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Why Alongside Business Consulting Is In A Class By Itself

We have a well defined process of finding the reasons why you aren't achieving the results you want and for eliminating the roadblocks standing in your way

We believe in the whole package, not just consulting... educating, developing and implementing with our customers is how we get the results for you - so that we help you achieve the results you want. We can also stay helping you - bringing value to where ever you have gaps - each step of the way

We continue to evolve, providing additional value through our consulting, training and aligned services… as the industries around us move and change

We focus on quick wins and long term business profitability with scalable outcomes, hence we tend to help you build much larger sales pipelines

We bring all aspects of marketing and sales into focus together, while keeping in our swim lane. That’s were our partners come in to play, they have specialties which we don’t - but are much needed within a successful improvement project.

Because of our experience in a number of different industries (including the Australian Defence sector) and also growing a number of businesses from startup phase we have a different mindset and are able to use this to achieve extraordinary results on a regular basis. Continuous innovation and a continuous improvement model are also key elements of our success.

Consultation Process

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Structure and Strategy

Structuring means establishing frameworks to then put in place processes and systems, in order for your business to be ready to scale. We dive into the elements that will build your business from the ground up first – not half way up the wall – without building a solid foundation first. Finally, we hit the market with campaigns that convert, because you’ve allowed us to help you build solid foundations… enabling your business to grow and scale with a systems and processes, all in a manageable structure.

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Analysis and Planning

First and foremost we help you understand the current state of your business, operations, competitors and the market with experienced hands at analysis and research. These steps bring clarity to all of us, on what we all need to do – to get you to where you want to be, on track and gaining traction! 

Putting it all in a structured plan helps your organisation progress more quickly and be able to more accurately forecast and measure success.


Closing new customers and retaining them is the outcome of a great sales process.

Unfortunately not many companies ever get to the stage of having a great sales process because they are so consumed with getting more sales leads!

We believe in and use the circular building method.

First we make sure there is an ability to get you noticed on mass by your audience.

Then we make sure we can get leads to bite, on an offer (built with you on your expertise).

It’s all a process of working our way through your sales and marketing functions (marketing needs to be under the control of sales – hence gets a mention) to help you raise the right types of leads and convert them into customers one step at a time in the most efficient and effective manner. 

Everything needs to be measurable, so that you can manage the inputs and outputs. That’s why we focus on structure, processes, assets and systems – focussed around the customer journey. 

One of the keys to success is a simple sales process. Helping your staff by providing a simple, repeatable process to follow will improve things out of site… but there are a few other things (which you may have noticed us mention already) also need to be considered as well.

Common courtesy or ‘being nice’ also goes a long way to keeping people happy (your staff and customers) and being successful. Some people in business forget ‘being nice’ will actually help your business succeed).

Keeping people engaged every step of the way is crucial. This is always done by delivering value to them every step of the way. 

Don’t stress, we’ve done this many times… we’ll guide you through the development of a robust process and then help you test and refine it every step of the way.

After all we are called Alongside Business Consulting for a reason. We walk alongside our customers all the way through the journey, filling the gaps and helping you and your team shine.


Find out How & Where to start gaining Clarity & Traction with Sales!