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Analysis and Planning will save you TIME and MONEY

Watching money go out on wages and projects that all promise to grow your business is frustrating, especially when they don’t produce the results.

So why isn’t your business growing when you seem to have done all the right things? 

The reason… most business owners don’t know the intricacies how and what to change – to affect growth – when something goes wrong or they want to start on a growth trajectory.

“All I need is more sales people and some marketing, to grow”, we hear you say.

Yep, it’s excellent to do that and necessary, but they all need to have the right focus and know how to go from step to step going forward.

That’s the reason we analyse and identify the problems and gaps of what you need to succeed first, so that we can start putting together the right structures, processes, assets and systems, which all growing business need alignment with. 

Identifying the problems, prioritising which one to go after first or second and then putting in place a strategic plan and managing the change that will happen to get through the issues are all essential to growing a business. 

In our process we also identify new areas that we perceive you can grow, looking at all aspects of business growth possibilities with you. The aim is increasing performance and part of that is expanding revenue generation options.

Getting started

It’s very common to have a ‘glass ceiling’ holding you back from reaching your business goals, where you can see where you want to be – but getting there is just not happening, and very frustrating.

If you’ve got a healthy business, some spare cash that you’d like to invest in growing your business and would like some external expert guidance and assistance, we can help! 

You may have a team that can help you with the implementation, but no-one with the experience and skills to help you develop the strategies and plans needed.

Or… you may have the right direction, just no one capable of managing the changes needed.

Our team of specialists, are here to support you and your company where there are gaps in your team and their skill sets.

We’re not here to take over; we’re here to extend your capability and capacity in the short term, until you can up skill your staff or hire the right people to fill the highlighted gaps (after we’ve presented our findings).

Having an experienced professional come in for a short period to assess the situation from a marketing and sales perspective is the best way to approach business growth. Management consulting firms generally focus on high-level management structures, efficiency and cost-cutting… and touch on high-level aspects of sales.

When we come in to work with you, we start with helping you gain clarity on what is actually stopping you making more sales.

Then we help you put a plan together for how to go forward, so that you can see all the steps you need to take upfront. 

We’ll do a deep dive(analysis), giving you some steps for now and work on the overall strategic plan to give you the peace of mind for the future.

Our team of experts have a wide variety of industry knowledge and experience in business to tackle all aspects of your marketing and sales functions.

This external perspective will save you time and money in the short term and definitely in the long term. 

You’ll also be spared from the heartache and frustration of not knowing why your dreams are eluding you in business.

Let us help you get through that glass ceiling more quickly and help you grow your business as desired.

What Do we cover in a Strategic Review?

It’s a structured review process where every aspect of your business that has anything to do with marketing or sales goes under the microscope. 

Basically we ask you a ton of questions so that we can understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, and opportunities there are in your business (regarding marketing and sales) so that we can make some recommendations for improvement of your sales operations.

Normally we help our customers develop at least a high-level plan or a number of much more detailed strategies and plans for different aspects of your marketing and sales functions so that you have very specific steps to take on your journey to growing sustainably.

Strategic reviews need to have an outcome in mind and be very focussed before they start so that the review activity can be maximised for better achievement of the desired result.

Many companies undertake strategic reviews annually as part of their strategic planning process. Other businesses will undertake them more ad hoc when presented with a specific opportunity or problem within the business.

A change of ownership or appointment of a new CEO can often trigger the need for a strategic review of the business as a whole or of a specific department or problem.

Whatever its origins, a strategic review should be a precise fact-based analysis of the business opportunity or issue. It provides an opportunity to step back from day-to-day operations to assess the strategic foundations on which a business is built. Hence the reason to hire an external provider to conduct the review process. They will, more often than not, get the job done in a much more timely fashion and with a more concise and helpful report, as their sole focus in your business is that one job.

The outcome of a strategic review should be a clear set of strategic recommendations and a future roadmap for the business to go forward with and chart the results.

This should enable increased and sustained performance shortly after starting and into the future.

The Benefits of a Strategic Review from Alongside Business Consulting

A strategic review can deliver significant benefits to a business when conducted well(you need to make sure you choose the right consultant).

In addition to the direct financial benefits of improving performance more quickly and targeting new growth opportunities, the process can improve alignment between employees, senior management teams and other key stakeholders, helping to drive a high-performance culture and clarity on the future direction of the business.  

A significant benefit that again needs to be stated is that the sooner you can move the company forward, the more money you will make from your employees and other assets.

 Now it’s up to you…

…let’s have a chat today!

Alongside Business Consulting is here to help you make more money and save more money all at the same time, making your bottom line even better than just one without the other.


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