Sales Planning

Establishing a tangible time based goal and plan with deadlines to achieve said goal allows staff and a company to be focused… and achieve good results. 

There are some foundational pieces of information and determination of focus that need to be established prior to jumping into sales planning. 

Some examples of these can be found in a simple Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy document; such as ‘value proposition/USP’, buyer personas and the actual package and offer

What we work on while helping you plan what your team should / will do

Establishing the tangible time-based goal/s to go after

Establish where the most urgent problems are in the sales pipeline and process, and develop a strategy with tasks that will overcome the issues

Understanding which companies in the market your company should go after

Attentioning all the channels ie. outbound, inbound, network referral nurturing, existing customer, E-commerce.

Resource planning is a big part of this process

Even though the end goal of most businesses is the same (to sell more), the variables to get there are very different for every company. Sales cycles, sales channels, stakeholders, and target markets need to be identified and mapped out in a plan for each company. 

To be more successful you must be advancing and be able to grow with scalability (structure, systems and processes). Alongside Business Consulting will empower your business, including your staff – to master sales operations. 

One of these advancements is what we are talking about here… a system: 

“a good sales plan (this page) and a good sales process (link here) with which you can onboard new staff to, that will enable them to get up to speed quickly without you relying on someone’s intelligence in a particular area”

It needs to all be explained easily, keep them on track and with measurability so that you as the manager can manage the outcomes! 

Sales Result

That’s what it’s all about really… improving the results; so that the business has fuel to grow (if that’s what you want to do).

We understand that your business is already very good at what it delivers, that’s why you are in business today. 

However, a business needs experts in all areas to be able to scale. Sure some leaders can be responsible for multiple aspects of a business’ leadership and lead them well. 

But eventually the business will outgrow those individuals’ abilities.

…besides, it’s way too stressful getting caught holding ‘the ball’ (responsibility for sales growth and stability) when you don’t necessarily know how to deal with it.

That’s a recipe for disaster or burnout! 

Leaders need to do what they are best at most of the time, to be able to flourish and help those whom they are leading do the same = flourish.

Business owners should be able to be given the space and time to work “on the business”, instead of being the ones to implement everything.

That’s why a good structure, system and process within a well researched plan is a good place to start, in order to extract the best value out of all staff.

Recently, I advised a friend to hire a skilled operations manager because he wasn’t an operations specialist. He took my advice and recruited a proficient operations manager. As a result, he moved into the senior sales role and is much happier and the business is much healthier because of it (more sales and is operating much more smoothly with a dedicated operations manager).

When sales and marketing are taken care of, you can move on to other problems… most likely delivery as delivery is the next bottleneck.

If you want better sales results, you need to change it up and stop being average at any point in the system, process or structure. 

Our consultation, coaching, implementation, and training will establish a solid foundation for your business to grow, especially in the Australian Defence market (one of our specialties). 


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